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It has introduced a range of hardware, systems integration and third party software, preinstalled on equipment purchased directly from Dell, plus peripheral products. Dell complements its product offering with a complete range of services. offering such an amazing variety of Dells promo codes and discounts that everyone can get themselves their favourite Dell items any time of the month!



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Dells operations started in 1984 when naming founder Michael Dell launched PCs Limited, a dorm-based company which sold computers similar to the IBM PC from standard components. In 1985, the company launched its own designed computer, the Turbo PC sporting a price tag of $795. The new products were marketed in computer magazines across the United States and delivered an astonishing revenue of $73 million1988 was a massive year with the company renaming to Dell Computer Corporation its IPO go live on June 22nd and expansion into international territories. Dells growth continued in the 1990s right through to 1999 when the company overtook Compaq to be the number one PC manufacturer. Michael Dell resigned as CEO in 2004, promoting Kevin Rollins to the top spot. In 2013, Michael Dell and Silverlake announced a buyout deal for $24.4 billion which is set to delist its shares from the Hong Kong and NASDAQ stock exchanges that it is currently listed on. This deal is still subject to approval, but signals new times for the longstanding computer manufacturer.

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