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Merchant 1948

Merchant 1948

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More About Merchant 1948

Merchant 1948 is an online and brick and mortar apparel brand having a rage of unique apparel that dates back the era of 1948. They are based in New Zealand and Australia. This company was established in 1948 and have evolved through time in different ways. They have everything in their stores, from shoes, bags, accessories. They have their sub brands and they launch a new collection full of variety every season both for men and women. They have also changed their brand name over the years from Overland to Merchant 1948, giving a new feel to the brand with its connection to its heritage. They do gather craftsmanship and inspiration from worldwide. To avail Merchant promo code subscribes to SuperSaverMama.


Merchant Promo Code


Merchant 1948 started in 1948 with Guglielmo Anselmi, an immigrant from Luino in Northam Italy. He was a man of vision and energy. He saw opportunity first in farming, and then in the shoe business where craftsmanship, quality and service come first. Their names have evolved with time but business always remained family owned. From the original King Country Shoes in the 50’s and 60s, to Shoe town in the 70’s and 80s then Overland in the 90’s and 2000’s, we’ve grown and evolved. This new name has its own theory behind. Today Guglielmo is called as an entrepreneur but back then when he started the work he was called as a merchant in 1948. So, the new name says it all. They have their stores throughout Australia and New Zealand. They also provide delivery worldwide. To avail coupon code, promo code, discount code subscribes to SuperSaverMama.




Merchant 1948 always got best designs of SHOES designs is really classy and everyone love to carry their fashion because this thing make them look good and up to date and it also helps professional ladies to feel confident about their looks and the way they carry themselves in this tiring days counts a lot and always come up for the aid and make them feel beautiful and confident about themselves. You can avail best Merchant Promo Code and also subscribe to SuperSaverMama for getting Code straight in your inbox.

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