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Wilderness Wear

Wilderness Wear

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Wilderness Wear Australia is proud to be a company that thrives in the competitive clothing market with the entire manufacturing process from designing, production, packaging, storage and selling all done in Australia. It hence proudly claims to be 200% Australian made while at the same time providing high-quality products meeting international standards with a focus on outdoor wear. Their product range is for outdoor fanatics and made by outdoor fanatics. This means that they test their products themselves to make sure they offer you the best they would want for themselves. They mainly provide base layers, accessories, socks, mid layers, and waterproofs for men, women and even children. They are committed to offer the best online shopping experience to their customers. Therefore, they wave off any delivery fees if your purchases are worth $50 or more and try their best to make returns free and easy. Top shop with them at discounted rates you can avail our Wilderness Wear Voucher code and promo code which can be found on and make your shopping experience even better. Go get more discounts code at SuperSaverMama.


Wilderness Wear Voucher Code


Wilderness Wear offers Australian Made clothing, thermals, socks, ski clothing, outdoor clothing, pants and other such clothing and accessories. They have competition but there is no one near to their level because they provide premium quality apparel. Their garments meet an international standard which they have set themselves via their Quality 3 model focusing on materials, performance design and manufacture. Since they have their own in-house manufacturing facility, they are able to maintain the quality standard they have set in all processes involved from the garments production to the point it reaches its consumers. They are proud to be completely Australian owned and Australian designed and manufactured. Australia has an impressive past of men and women who think smart and work hard. Australians have had a positive attitude towards challenges and that is what Wilderness Wear carries itself with.




Their history started with socks and an old Tasmanian hosiery company acquired in 1989. When they relocated to Melbourne, they product range was redefined. The company had successfully positioned itself to be able to handle massive scale contracts supplying to the public, government and private sector. By 2000, Wilderness Wear purchases the site which is currently their office, factory, and warehouse location and it was completely functional by 2002. Then in the coming years came some state of the art upgrade for manufacturing technology thanks to their research and development work which was consistently being done side by side.


By 2006, they were able to expand internationally with a presence in trade expos abroad and they have since continued to develop markets abroad. Currently, their team is still working with the expansive mindset and looking forward to facing challenges and meet new opportunities. They have maintained their thirst for embracing the old and redefining the new trends. They also aim the provide customers with complete satisfaction and hence provide 12 months warranty on all product if at any time you believe that their product in not performing up to the mark.

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