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Halloween is Near, Time to Fear - Celebrating Halloween

Halloween is Near, Time to Fear - Celebrating Halloween

  • John Robert Samson
  • 20-Nov-2020

You know it’s time to get in the spooky mood when 31st October is near. The time of the month when the dead comes back to life and life is brought back to the dead. I personally love the vibe Halloween gives off. It is the only occasion that comes once each year but is celebrated for an entire month. Halloween 2018 was the best experience ever for me. It was the time full of fun, excitement, and terror. I wasn’t really a big fan of this occasion until I got to witness it in Best NYC Halloween Party.

As soon as October rolls in, Americans go wild and crazy. Halloween just ignites the fire within the souls and excites each and every one. From children to adults, everyone gets busy preparing for it. It’s simply enchanting. Preparing your Halloween costumes, choosing your favorite Halloween look and pulling out those knives to break out the pumpkin spice and curve good memories. Everything feels so lively and magical. It’s like you’re about to enter a different world. You’re about to transform yourself into someone different. Away from reality, away from the world. 

I started backtracking and reminiscing those lovely childhood memories the minute we played my old favorite Halloween film, The Scooby-Doo.” The ultra-terrifying classic cartoon show of my time. It was an amazing holiday, a wonderful experience full of fun. Even the biggest scaredy-cats like my sister enjoyed to the fullest as this feeling captivated our souls and helped us fight our fears. There are a million ways to celebrate and spook out your friends and loved ones. We dressed up as demons, spoke about historical myths and modern ghost tales scaring each other to death, played creepy songs and crafted props and items to celebrate Halloween 2017.

There are just countless ways to celebrate the scariest time of year. I knew Halloween was a widely celebrated holiday in the United States and wasn’t really popular in Europe until now. Halloween has been celebrated in America for just 25 years and is drastically getting popularity in the USA . I learned a lot about their ways and culture like "Süß order saucers!" is what they say instead of trick-or-treating. It did take me a while to pronounce that right but I did manage to get a hang of it.

Indeed, Halloween's growing popularity in the USA is due to Americanization. And with the number of Halloween-themed parties arising, I believe it’s giving the impression that it is here to stay. Though many Americans are unhappy with Halloween's growing popularity in the USA since this wasn’t a part of their culture and tradition. I felt a slight difference while celebrating Halloween in America as compared to what I've heard about American Halloween. In the States, Halloween costumes can be just about anything, from princesses, fairies and dragons to cartoons, Dracula’s, doctors, and vampires. Whereas in the USA, there was a strict dress code, the Halloween costumes had to be scary.


The Halloween makeup look needed to look dreadful and deadly. Pumpkin Festivals are a popular way to celebrate both the arrival of fall and Halloween with the whole family.  
Since Halloween is not originally Americans we can get the whole experience and taste of the real Halloween feel. Many Americans have no started to embrace it. However, the older generation still believes that Halloween is just American hype and isn’t really impressed by it that’s why half the crowd doesn’t really participate or encourage this occasion. This is one disadvantage of celebrating in the USA.

However, this doesn’t stop the Americans from celebrating or get excited about Halloween. Or at least I didn’t get to experience that around me. We went trick or treating door-to-door with lanterns and a bucket for candies, dressed horrifyingly. It was so much fun how every time we’d get rewarded with sweets and candies, we’d sing a song to them. The songs, I had to learn by heart before going though.

That was another mission. Shopping for Halloween costumes in the USA is so much fun and better. There are so many options you can choose from and with their rising specialty stores, it is now becoming increasingly popular. There are so many scary outfits available for us to select and shop from. I call October the time for other spooky happenings in USA. When the evil and dark souls come back to life and the nights become dark and mysterious just like in the movies.
Halloween parties for me are so far the best kind of parties. Here I got a chance to dress up freely, be whatever I felt like, stuff in endless snacks, and simply fell in love with this experience. Can’t lie, Trick-Or-Treating, is the biggest reason why Halloween is my favorite holiday. If nothing, not even the urge to get candies or buy a costume, there’s always the thrill of walking around at night with your friends.

Halloween is becoming the part of cultural capital immensely and has taken root as a popular part of the annual calendar that parents celebrate with their children. It is offering the children to dress up and reverse their roles and turn into whatever they like, however they like. Being artsy, arts and craft is my thing and Halloween is incomplete without all this. It such a good way to spend time with friends and family decorating and preparing props, carving pumpkins and setting up bonfires. Halloween indeed is a wonderful occasion to enjoy and experience. I can’t wait to go back to the USA and enjoy Halloween there. Halloween 2017 has left a great impact on me. An unforgettable memory I’ve been cherishing. If you guys haven’t still gotten a chance to experience this, here’s your chance. It will change your perception like it changed mine.

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