Shopping Hacks For the College Student On A Pocket Friendly Budget

Do you like going shopping? As a college student trying to get a few more Instagram likes, I am all too familiar with the struggles of becoming a fashion girl while still in school. All is a financial investment. After paying for my textbooks, school supplies, and tuition, you will not have anything left over to indulge in your true passion: shopping. As a bad college student, you should take advantage of a few hacks.

1. Student Discount!

Almost all the famous retailers from ASOS, Nordstrom, Shein, Top Shop and American Eagle all offer student discount via different apps and websites like Unidays. Using this option is the best way to stay up with fashion while staying on a budget.  

2. E-bate

What exactly is E-bates? It's a business that rewards you with cash when you shop at one of their associated stores. E-bates has partnered with thousands of retailers to include coupons or cash back when you shop through If E-bates is offering 8% cash back on Sephora purchases, and you spend $100, you will receive $8 in cash back.

I was perplexed and skeptical when I first learned about E-bates on YouTube. But believe me when I say this: IT WORKS! Who does not want to be compensated for their shopping?

3. Clothes from a previous owner

When you need a new dress, go to an online consignment store like or instead of going to the mall. Both stores only allow clothes in excellent condition and carry only high-end, name-brand merchandise.

I have been shopping at Thread-Up for a while now. The garments are inexpensive and of excellent quality. I guarantee that after you have tried them, you will never go back to the mall.

4. Coupons, coupons, coupons!

Sign up for the rewards program at your local supermarkets, drugstores, Target, and/or everywhere else you shop. Membership is normally free, and it comes with a variety of discounts. Yes, most coupons are useless, but once you start using coupons on one thing, you will not be able to stop. Buying in bulk at a reduced price will, in fact, help you save money and time.


Is it possible to save even more money because the products are so cheap? When you were shopping on AliExpress, a well-known Chinese marketplace, this is most definitely what came to mind. One of the choice is to use AliExpress pocket on AliExpress. Today, we'll learn what it is and how it can benefit a seasoned shopper.

On AliExpress, what is AliExpress Pocket (Gift Cards)?

Shopping Hacks for the College Student on a Pocket Friendly Budget

If you are wondering how to give something from AliExpress to your family or friends, you can use this AliExpress option. For this you can also see all necessary buyers buide for AliExpress: what is it? how do I buy on it?

It acts as an internal AliExpress wallet, allowing you to pay for your orders with it. As a result, we may refer to it as a payment form. 

What Are the Benefits of AliExpress Pocket?

  • It is easier to keep track of your spending (which is particularly necessary during major sales and for AliExpress bundle deals).
  • Easier control over expenses.

Let us get down to it.

What is the best way to buy Pocket on AliExpress?

It does not necessitate a lot of time or effort. In your AliExpress personal account, go to the "My Orders" section. Choose "My AliExpress pocket" from the drop-down menu.

College student on a pocket friendly budget

This is the page where you can check your balance. Find the “Buy AliExpress pocket” button to replenish it.

You will be given five options: ten dollars, twenty dollars, fifty dollars, one hundred dollars, or one hundred and fifty dollars. You may pick any or all of them at the same time. Let us say the value is $50.

NB: Your gross out-of-pocket spending cannot exceed $700. Pocket has a three-year validity period.

How to Cover the Costs of the Pocket

Bank cards, electronic wallets, mobile balances, and Western Union are all examples.

Following the order, you will be able to see the funds immediately. You are all set to invest them now!

How to Make AliExpress Pocket Work for You

It is simple: simply choose it as a payment method when placing your order. It will appear in the drop-down menu of payment options.

Another advantage of the Pocket is that the amount you can spend is not limited. What do I do if the price of my order is higher or lower than expected? It's simple: you can pay more with another form in the first case, and you can spend your money later in the second case, just as you would if you paid with a card or an electronic wallet.

AliExpress Pocket offers cashback.

We are getting close to the most fascinating part: figuring out how to save the most money while shopping online. Megabonus, a cash back program that lets you refund money for AliExpress orders, is the biggest helper. It's as easy as signing up for Megabonus, selecting stores from the list, and clicking "Buy with cash back."

Installing a browser extension and purchasing as usual is an even more convenient choice.

These extensions will:

  • inform you which stores provide cash back.
  • assist you in tracking shipments.
  • notify you when the price of a product changes; and
  • check the seller's reliability on AliExpress.

The extension verifies the legitimacy of all AliExpress stores. The green shield indicates that the vendor is trustworthy and that the product reviews are positive.

How to Get a Free Pocket (AliExpress Gift Card)

You can find a Pocket free of charge in the sales (there are a bunch of them on AliExpress, the largest one is on November 11), or you can earn one. On regular days, however, you can only buy pockets.


  1. Do gift cards work on AliExpress?

No there are no special gift cards given by AliExpress. You can use a gift pocket for this purpose

  1. What gift cards can you use on AliExpress?

AliExpress only accepts debit and credit visa cards in terms of payment. The company doesn’t have any gift card policies as of now.

  1. Why does AliExpress not accept my card?

The card you used for the purchase is not eligible for international transactions.

If you have the bank's mobile app on your device, simply open it and see if there is an option to turn International Payments On/Off.

If you don't have the mobile app or your bank doesn't provide this service, call the bank's customer service line and request that international payment be allowed on your card.

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