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The Ultimate Guide on How to Ask for a Discount

The Ultimate Guide on How to Ask for a Discount

  • John Robert Samson
  • 20-Nov-2020

As customers, we are trained this way to pay the price marked on a product or walk away to look for better, inexpensive options. But little do you know that you do not always have to settle for the price as marked. That you can save a good amount of cash just by asking for a discount. Below are some of the tips for all the shy ones out there on how to ask for a discount. Once you learn this art, you will realize what you were missing!

Start by Asking

Okay, why so scared on the thought of JUST asking? It’s not like we’re causing any hurt to someone or doing something illegal. Start by just asking if there is any wiggle room on that price. I know it’s a little hard for those who are not really outgoing, but literally, the worst thing that could happen is that they tell you “no.” Surely not that bad, right?

If you are lucky, the salesperson will be happy to cut the price by 5% or 10% to make a fast sale. Remember, the salesperson is trying his best to sell the products, and most of the time, he would make these little adjustments to make you buy more products.

Be Polite

The ultimate rule no. 1 to score great deals on anything, anywhere, is to be polite with the salesperson and treat them with respect. You win treasures by just being kind, and it cost you nothing. Sellers instantly get good vibes when you talk to them, wearing a warm smile on your face. Most of them will help you out and give you a discount just because of your behavior. I put on my most adorable smile (if there is any) and ask for skincare products samples whenever I step into a skincare store. And you know what? I always return with some! See, this is the power of being polite.

Talk to the Manager

It all comes down to the person in power. Know that there is no point in bargaining with someone who simply can’t do anything to give you a discount. Instead, talk to the manager because they are the ones in power and can most likely give you the discount. Often it happens that they would come to you by themselves to ask if you need anything. Use that opportunity!

Be Firm in Your Negotiation

I will remind you again for the hundredth time that negotiating and asking for a discount is normal and you shouldn’t feel shy about it. Instead, be firm in the process. Show them that you are serious in asking for a lower price and will walk away if they do not give you one. Make eye contact and ask with confidence, “can I get a discount since I’m buying two pairs of the heels?”

Ask about Future Sales

It’s okay if you did not get lucky today, but don’t step out from the store before asking the salesperson about any sales happening in the future. The eager salesperson will most likely give you a date of any upcoming sale (before announcing to other customers *wink*), and you can be the first one to grab your favorite item!

Final Word

As I said at the start, once you learn the art of asking for a discount, there’s no going back. Instead, you will regret not doing it before. But no time is too late. We do not realize that we can ask for discounts at almost every store. Follow these tips and do your best to get the lowest price on everything.

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