With the introduction of e-trading in Pakistan, it has opened many opportunities. This mainly involves buying\selling goods and services using internet or phone.

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ABOUT Trading

Introducing the fastest way to trade with e-Trading

E-trading has reduced the cost per transaction, increased efficiency, reduced prices and boosted international demand. It has amazing opened new area for business in the service sectors like online education, medical services, consultancy, and data exchange providing expansion in trade through domestic and international market research, advertising and marketing. In the financial services area, it can make easy and speedy transactions and transfer of money at a minimum risk. The interesting feature of online trading is that a stakeholder can simply buy or sell through the Internet from anywhere before being an experienced trader

Trading Tools to Empower the Trading Strategy

Powerful trade tools help generate great ideas, execute trades, boost growth and monitor positions. It seamlessly helps traders quickly synthesize data and information, cut through the clutter, and turn ideas into trades more efficiently. With the help of trade tools, you can now customize your platform whether its StreetSmart Edge- synced Watch Lists, Trade Source- Streaming data, or Schwab Mobile, using e-trade tools help you work fast and effectively.

Get real-time information and market insights

TradingView is easy and intuitive for beginners, and powerful enough for advanced chartist. By downloading TradingView, you can access all charting tools you need to share and view trading ideas. Having no installations or complex setups you can now make the most of real-time data and browser-based charts to do your research from anywhere.

Just open TradingView and opt for trade me on any modern browser and start charting, learning and sharing trading ideas!

The foreign exchange market has two tiers. Interbank Market is where the biggest banks exchange currencies with each other, it dictates currency values. The second tier is the over the counter market. That's where companies and individuals trade. Foreign exchange trading is a contract between two parties where they buy sell and trade goods and products.

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