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Ran out of clothes to wear? these brands have you covered

Ran out of clothes to wear? these brands have you covered

  • John Robert Samson
  • 07-Oct-2021

What makes Sapphire so special:

The Sapphire story of high-end designer clothing began in the year 2009. It all started when a young entrepreneur opened up his first retail outlet in Karachi. This man was a textile enthusiast, one who had grown up with fabrics and fashion. He loved the challenge of designing and making apparel that would change an individual's outlook towards life.

Sapphire is dedicated to using 100% pure fabric, so our garments are free from any harmful chemicals or dyes. We only use the top-most quality material available, giving you products that last longer than others at half the price!

#2. Bonanza Satrangi

Bonanza has over 40 years of expertise in the clothing industry and has built a reputation for offering customers quality fabrics, excellent value for money, and fashion-forward clothes. In 1976, when the manufacturing sector had not reached its full potential, Bonanza introduced ready-made winter clothing, especially knits for men, women, and children, which became an instant success. From that point on, Bonanza established itself as a renowned brand and earned a reputation as a master of precision in the field of ready-made clothing manufacture.

Bonanza is a massive textile behemoth in Pakistan, with more than 80 stores spread across the country. Bonanza, however, saw the potential in the market for women's clothing brands and decided to launch its own unique women's clothing line, Satrangi, in 2012. Satrangi has now grown into a one-stop apparel solution for Pakistani women. As a result, we were dubbed Bonanza | Satrangi by the public.

It has been decided to split the umbrella brand into two distinct lines: Bonanza, which carries formal clothing for men and knitted ethnic wear, and Satrangi, which carries unstitched clothing for women and accessories.

What makes Bonanza Satrangi special?  

Bonanza has always sold high-quality clothing that is very affordable to the general public. To do this, we focus on selling products made from 100 percent pure fabric. With a wide variety of clothing, including women's clothes, men's clothes, children's clothes, and accessories, Bonanza Satrangi has something for everyone! Our main goal is to become a household name in Pakistan.

We have stores across Pakistan in major cities like Rawalpindi, Lahore, Faisalabad, Karachi - all at unbeatable prices! Recently, Bonanza Satrangi launched their store on Daraz. You can use our Daraz coupons to purchase your next suit!

#3. GulAhmed:

Historically, the story of textiles in the Indian subcontinent may be traced back to Gul Ahmed. In the early 1900s, the clan started dealing in textiles to supplement their income. The creation of Gul Ahmed Textile Mills Ltd, which has become an iconic brand in the textile industry, marked the group's entry into the manufacturing sector (GTM).

Gul Ahmed is a composite unit that produces everything from cotton yarn to completed goods. It has an installed capacity of more than 1.3 million spindles, 250 state-of-the-art weaving machines, and the most up-to-date yarn dyeing, processing, and stitching equipment. Gas engines, gas and steam turbines, and backup diesel engines are all used to generate electricity at Gul Ahmed's captive power plant in the UAE. Gul Ahmed is committed to preserving the environment. He has built a wastewater treatment facility that treats 100 percent of its waste, bringing this to National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) standards.

With everything from production through all phases to sale under one roof, Gul Ahmed has evolved into a vertically integrated business. In 1972, the business was officially listed on the Karachi Stock Exchange.

What makes Gulahmed special?

Ideas by Gul Ahmed offers a wide selection of fashion lines, including prêt wear, embroidered fabric (for both men and women), polo shirts, formal and semi-formal clothing (for men), as well as a varied choice of official and casual wear (for women). The company has launched a lot of new trends throughout the years, including Chantilly Chiffon, Chairman Latha (for men), Accessories (shoes and purses), Home Things (bedding, cushions, and bath products), and a variety of other items. Because of their long history, our designs are both stylishly current and timeless in their appeal. Gul Ahmed is now regarded as one of the top apparel companies in Asia, is a testament to our creativity and commitment to business ethics. Gul Ahmed not only offers fashionable clothing at a reasonable price, but it also meets the requirements of a wide range of customers by providing a varied product mix. This results in a comprehensive and pleasurable shopping experience. At Gul Ahmed, we don't simply want to be the ones who create trends; we want to be the ones who master them. As a consequence of these efforts, the chain has grown to include more than 100 locations across Pakistan since its founding in 2003. This has significantly helped it be Pakistan's biggest lifestyle and fashion shop, which it now is.

#4: Generation:

Generation was founded in 1983 by a husband-and-wife team, Saad & Nosheen Rahman, to the increasing need for inexpensive fashion among Pakistani metropolitan women. These values have resulted in a top ready-to-wear womenswear business that delivers new items to its shops a few times each week and does not use the same designs over and again after they have established themselves.

Since then, the Generation Woman has emerged as an iconic emblem of this ideal, a woman who honors her family's history while maintaining a constant undercurrent of innovation and invention.

The Generation Story starts with a family and continues ahead with the idea of expanding on this family, be it consumers, employees, students, or other individuals and organizations. She is represented in different times and emotions by each kind of line, which further embodies her many faces. Festive, informal, youthful, and demure are all words that come to mind.

What makes Generation Special?

Generation is a fashion brand that stands out in the crowded market by providing some of Pakistan's most attractive and stylish clothing. Being part of it means being one step ahead all the time, as they continue to deliver new designs every week, ensuring consumers stay up-to-date with current trends. Generation has also introduced international brands such as Calvin Klein Jeans in Pakistan. Their success lies in their ability to provide you with excellent quality garments and ensure that their customer service reaches impeccable standards. Recently, Generations launched their store on Daraz. You can use our Daraz coupons to purchase your next suit!

#5. Limelight:

Limelight was established in 2010 and has become one of Pakistan's top fashion retail companies, with 81 stores throughout the country and an online shop unlike any other. With us, you can shop for all of your fashion requirements in one convenient location. Unstitched, Prêt, Western Wear, Shoes, and Accessories are items in our product line. Additionally, Children's Prêt and Men's Eastern Wear are included in the product line-up.

Our goal is to design distinctive apparel, appeals to fashionistas of all ages, and mix classic and contemporary elements in one piece. New items are added to the inventory many times each week. Our mission is to offer high-quality goods at reasonable costs that are in keeping with the constantly changing fashion trends.

We want to build on our history by extending our horizons into current and new markets to make high-quality fashion more accessible to domestic and international consumers.

Limelight is not just a fashion brand; it is an attitude. We make our clothing accessible to many customers by selling online and through our 81 stores around the country, ensuring that we have something for everyone at any age. Our small garment sizes are ideal for children and teens who like to follow current trends too!

What makes Limelight special?

Limelight is a fashion brand with an eye for detail. Their designers and sales associates are attuned to the latest trends, so they know what's hot and what's not in different parts of the world.

This fashion store promises to provide you with pieces that will be worth your money, considering how expensive Pakistani clothing can sometimes be. Recently, LimeLight launched its store on Daraz. You can use our Daraz coupons to purchase your next suit!

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