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Vilken datagigant att välja: MediaMarkt eller Netonnet?

Vilken datagigant att välja: MediaMarkt eller Netonnet?

  • Saira Turner
  • 12-Aug-2021

In computers, there are two major players in the market: Mediamarkt and Netonnet. They both offer a wide range of products to choose from, but which is better? This blog post gives you all the information you need to make an educated decision.

Netonnet offers a wider range of products than Mediamarkt. They also have more stores around Europe than Mediamarkt. In addition, Netonnet has been active for over 25 years, while Mediamarkt only came into being in 2004!


Netonnet.se: 7.4 million

Mediamarkt.se: 3.92 million

 multinational retail chain

What is Media Markt?

Media Markt, originally Media Saturn Holding AG, is a German multinational retail chain. It is headquartered in Ingolstadt, Germany and operates in 14 European countries with over 400 stores. In Media-Saturn-Holding-AG, the name Media Markt belongs to the consumer electronics division (in fact, all departments are separate).

When we mention Media Markt here, we therefore not only refer to the leading company Mediamarkt. Wikipedia lists these sub-brands: Consumption, Saturn, Fust and Real. We will only focus on Mediamarkt.

Media Markt - The branches of the ultimate electronics store Media Markt electronics store have an average size of 2500m 2 and offer a wide range of goods (approximately 140,000 different products) in exclusive but affordable stores.

They try to get customers by initiating exclusive models, gadgets or completely new technology all the time. The prices of Media Markt products offer one of the biggest price advantages compared to competitors' prices. Some items such as monitors may be cheaper in other stores in Germany but you can find better deals on other items you need there such as laptops or printers while your monitor is cheaper elsewhere!

This is why it is very important to know what exactly you are looking at before you buy!

Customer review for MediaMarkt

Media Markt has a 4.7 out of 5 -

star customer rating on trustpilot, with over 100,000 reviews and a 97% approval rating. Customers say that Media Markt offers good offers but the variety is not as wide as in other stores.

However, they offer fast delivery and are responsive to their customers' complaints (about 10%). Some consumers say that Media Markt prices are similar to those of competitors, but stores like Saturn tend to be more expensive.

MediaMarkt Coupon Code MediaMarkt sometimes offers coupon codes like these: 15% discount on products with the code "SUMMER" 25 € shopping coupon with the code "SHOP25P" To get them you have to follow this link to Super Saver Mama!

How to get the best deals on Media Markt It is always a good idea to compare prices at different stores before you buy. Here's how to improve your chances: Watch out for the "new arrivals" section. Many times you will find fantastic new products that are not displayed but in boxes instead!

This means that they have not been shown yet and are new arrivals (both online and offline)!

Also, if a product has just been in stock, it is usually cheaper than a month ago because demand literally dropped overnight so it is not necessary for them to just lower the price now that demand is low, so it can be an even better business than usual!

The latest broadcasts tend to have the most desirable articles on them. Many times I have called the store just to see if they have an item that I was looking for and found out that it was in stock just a couple of hours ago!

To make it easier, you can try using Google Chrome with this extension. This shows you how many MediaMarkt stores are nearby (just put your postcode or address in the box) and their opening hours:

Not only can you choose between different stores, but also between different departments.

In addition, you can select date ranges so that you do not have to look through everything if there are no new arrivals or events at the moment (which saves a lot of time).

Netonnet is an online subsidiary of Media Markt

What is Netonnet?

Netonnet is an online subsidiary of Media Markt that sells more affordable electronics. Some people may say that the quality is not as high but in most cases it should be good!

For example, if you want to buy an iPhone 4S 16 Gb model and find out that the Media Markt price for this product is 599 € while NetOnNet offers it for about 500 € with the same contract (and sometimes even cheaper without a contract) there is no harm to choose this way.

Customer review for Netonnet (10 out of 10) on 1/1/08

Positive (+):

Wow! This service is without a doubt the best I have ever had. I'm not sure what happened to everyone else, but my speeds are between 1 Mbps and 3 Mbps downstream from 7am to 12pm Central time (when heavy downloaders take a nap).

The upload speed is always at least 200 kbps or better throughout the day. It seems like no one else really even knows how fast a T-3 line can go ... I just wish they would advertise it more so other people could know this great value for the price.

In addition, P2P and bit torrent traffic work perfectly on my connection; no complaints at all!

Negative (-):

I noticed that there is a small gain pressure when you click on links; But the person who gave this negative review spent most of their time using an Xbox and playing WoW ... or at least that was what I got from them.

If this issue was fixed with Netonnet during the installation process, it would be my fault for not mentioning it to them earlier.


As long as Netonnet stays, I will stay as their customer. Their service has always been top notch (at least since 2006) and they respond very quickly when I have questions or problems (I have dealt with many people chatting from India), which is hard to find nowadays. An A + rating from me!

The chain battle continues when Netonnet escapes from Media Markt

The Swedish consumer electronics market is dominated by the energy mass. However, the competition for second place is heating up, and Netonnet is pulling away from Media Markt, which is still suffering from significant losses.

The biggest competition between consumer electronics retailers has been rigged. Of course, there is still a fierce battle between the largest chains, but the data for the two largest, Elgiganten and Netonnet, indicate in a positive direction for the past year. Trean Media Markt, on the other hand, is still having financial difficulties.

As the market's clear leader, the power tank continues to strengthen its position. The chain's sales are significantly higher than for the two main competitors, Netonnet and Media Markt.

And Elgiganten would not be Elgiganten if you did not get the latest annual result based on all items made during the year in question.

Sales and revenue are, of course, the two most important of the four items. During the financial year 2018/2019, the chain increased its revenues by 7.2 percent to SEK 12.7 billion, with a profit of SEK 210 million, an increase of 5 percent compared with the previous year. The other two records that have been broken are Ennova's internal employee survey, which has reached unsurpassed heights and customer reviews, with 91 percent of consumers satisfied.

We have had a fantastic year where we have experienced constant growth again. For many years, we have maintained a consistent customer focus and it is beginning to bear fruit in the form of a stronger brand and higher customer satisfaction.

We want to be the obvious choice for customers looking for white goods and consumer electronics, so we must maintain our emphasis on the customer and the customer offering.

The electricity giant's CEO Niclas Eriksson emphasizes the importance of continuing to innovate in order to provide the greatest possible shopping experience, needs-adapted services and good service.

Power is growing faster than the rest of the market

The fastest growing segments will include kitchens, corporate sales and games. During the financial year, another 10 stores were launched, bringing the total number of stores in the country to 172, with plans to build more in 2019.

Despite reports of store closures and increased e-commerce, this is the case. The image of the electric horse, on the other hand, is that digital investments and store sales complement each other.

- The fact that the number of visits to the store and the website has increased dramatically indicates that customers appreciate proximity and convenience with access.

But our wonderful workers, who are the most important factor in our growth, are at the heart of the Electric Giant. We increased our investments in employees this year, so the fact that the employees' commitment is top notch is something we are really happy about, says Niclas Eriksson.

Netonnet -

The group has now taken over as the second player in the Swedish consumer electronics market. The electricity giant's growth in 2018 was slightly higher than in the previous financial year. Netonnet's sales were just under SEK 5.3 billion, an increase of 7.5 percent from the previous year's number of SEK 4.915 billion.

Operating profit was SEK 45.6 million, an increase from SEK 9 million the year before. According to the chain, earnings have improved as a result of a combination of growth and cost efficiency.

- Our stronger growth is due to our investments in digital solutions, major B2B investments and many initiatives that simplify the customer experience across all channels, says CEO Susanne Holmström.

- We have also kept our focus on maximizing the effect of previous restructurings and system upgrades by streamlining procedures and reducing costs and pricing.

We have continued to simplify for our customers through a strong collaboration, including new delivery methods and payment options. In addition, the collection has been expanded to include additional brands and more inexpensive accessories.

And she is optimistic that Netonnet's upward trend will continue

- In 2018, we increased our market share and improved our profitability. I see a lot of potential for ongoing growth with our excellent foundation.

We can continue to develop, innovate and run the industry by working together with our customers, partners and staff. In 2019, we plan to accelerate our development and offer new and simpler alternatives for our customers to buy consumer goods.

Media market

As number three on the list, has also grown in the past year, but the chain's seemingly irreconcilable financial problems have persisted since the chain's start in Sweden.

The results of Media Market have not yet been nailed down and clarified, but they want to release the statistics they submitted to the Swedish Companies Registration Office in April.

Sales for Media Markets' Swedish operations amounted to SEK 5.042 billion in 2018, up 3% from SEK 4.913 billion in 2017, which was almost identical to Netonnet's sales.

In 2018, Media Market reported a loss of SEK 350. In 2017, the same amount was a loss of $ 301 million.

- We can say that increased sales are good, and we can see that our e-commerce has developed particularly well. We upgraded well over half of our department stores during the previous fiscal year; it has obviously cost a lot, but it is also an investment for the future, says Jenny Pedersen, communications manager.

Vilka Computing Giant Wins?

Depends entirely on who you shop with!

As we have seen, there are plenty of benefits to every business in this battle. Ultimately, it's about your personal preferences and what you need from a computer.

If you know exactly which model or type of laptop suits your needs, MediaMarkt may be the right path for you. The net is good if you want more variety when shopping for a new gadget; their selection spans all different types of products so there will always be something that interests you no matter what features are most important to you.

Which one best suits your buying requirements, just remember to research before you buy!

The winner we can say depends on the buyer and if you choose one or the other you choose the winner for you. Each brand provides its own specialty in the market, and this is what makes them special to the customer. You can also phone them and ask about your requirements if they have it or not. the best computer you can get in Sweden depends on which brand meets your requirements!

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