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Best online grocery shopping Singapore

Best online grocery shopping Singapore

  • Saira Turner
  • 15-Jun-2021

Best online grocery shopping Singapore

Online grocery shopping was taking the world by storm anyways. But with the spread of COVID-19 and the world being shoved in lockdown, it took online grocery shopping to the next level.

You would have seen many online grocery stores that came into existence while others that had existed before blew up with their different grocery shopping offers and other benefits such as same-day delivery with a minimum spend.

Some of the online grocery stores that came have stayed popular with customers even with the ease of the lockdown across Singapore.

There have been grocery shops that have taken the lead and become popular for customers across the island to order their groceries from.

We will be equipping you with the leading online grocery stores to ensure you get the best online grocery shopping experience for yourself and your family with a minimum spend. We have come up with the list after keeping the store variety, pricing, and discount offers in mind. You will only get the best grocery experience at all times.

Online Grocery Shopping Savings

Before we jump into the online grocery stores, we would like to bring your attention to how you can save on your online groceries by applying the discount codes. You will need them at all times to make the most of your shopping experience within your budget.

These discount codes are found on the leading coupon websites such as Super Saver Mama. They are regularly updating their promo codes and discount codes. There are numerous leading stores that you can find the coupon codes for.

You not only get to save with a minimum purchase offer but can also make use of free delivery and same-day delivery options. The purchase doesn't always have to be something significant but the discount would be highly significant. You would always be able to get more groceries done within your budget without any added stress.

Online Grocery Stores!

From the best online grocery services to free delivery and so much more. Some of the best online grocery stores in Singapore on our list are:


When you think of online grocery convenience with the best products and price, FairPrice online is the first store to come to mind.

FairPrice online offers an extensive product range and offer reliable and fast service for your groceries online. FairPrice online ensures you find the products you are looking for with a minimum order cut and delivery fees.

FairPrice online doesn't only offer your average day to day products but also offer a range of beverages.

Cold Storage Products

You can also find an extensive range of frozen meat and seafood to order from here. They also deliver dairy products and so much more. All cold products are properly put in cold storage so that you always receive only fresh products.

House Hold Products

You will find everything from everyday household products for laundry to electrical appliances, and also pest control. Then you also have health and cosmetic products to choose from also.

Promotions and Offers

You will find several promotions and deals being offered that allow you to get the best price on this online shop.

The best part is you will find the discount codes for FairPrice Online on Super Saver Mama with ease. Even if there are no offers, you can still place a minimum order and get the maximum discount.

You also get to waiver off the delivery fee and avail free delivery by placing a minimum order of 79$.


You can easily grab the groceries while you're placing an order for piping hot food from FoodPanda. Yes, the food service is also an online grocer that offers groceries at affordable prices.

You don't need a delivery slot, just place your order and it would be delivered within no time.

You can choose what you want from the forty thousand above products available on their online store shelves.

You want something to cook from basic spices to cold storage foods, to natural and organic produce and anything more? Well, they have something for everyone.

Leading Hygiene Care

They not only deliver food quickly but also offer clean hygienic shopping offers. You can find everything from cooking products, cold storage items, to household products and place a minimum order or a big order. You will receive everything within a short while.

Best Brands

You not only avail basic only grocery delivery, but you also get to order the leading brands available in the markets. This is one of the leading online supermarkets that stocks the best brands out there.

Quick Saver Same Day Delivery

The online orders you place are delivered on an average of twenty-five minutes with a minimum delivery free. They also offer a minimal delivery fee even for a minimum order.

Promotions and Deals

Not only for Food Delivery but you can also find the best promotions for online grocery delivery. They also offer excellent customer service in case there is any problem with the online grocery delivery. With the right promotions, you may also be able to avail free delivery and waiver the delivery fee entirely.


From premium meats to organic snacks to fresh produce with the best food delivery, you get the leading healthy products and also get to enjoy free delivery with the right coupons and offers on your shopping.

Healthy Living

Redmart is the ultimate online marketplace for a comprehensive range of healthy products at competitive prices. It is one of the top online grocers in this category and you will always find the delivery time slots for organic food to be delivered to you without any issue.

Premium Range Pantry Essentials

All you have to do is visit them online to get everything you need from gourmet groceries to quality meats and so much more. You can place an order online from everything including rice, free-range eggs, fresh fruits and veggies, seafood wrapped in proper cold storage, beverages, dairy products, frozen food, and health care products.

Fast Delivery

You can avail scheduled deliveries at Redmart and saver delivery by ensuring you make the right minimum order. Everything will be delivered to you within a short time without delay.

RedMart Discounts

You can always avail minimum delivery fee, free delivery, and other savings by applying the RedMart discount codes available on Super Saver Mama.

Marks & Spencer

Thanks to their continuous and reliable online grocery delivery service, they have always maintained a high position as a leading web grocer in Singapore.

You will find everything from the leading grocery options to the best delivery fee charge and so many more promotions.

Wide Range of the Best Online Grocery

You will find everything from your daily grocery requirements such as rice, vegetables, meat, and noodles, to beverages, tea, and so much more.

You can also find many spices and cheese here and can also avail free next day delivery with the right coupons.

Deals and Discounts

You can find many different offers and promotions such as less service fee, scheduled delivery, and self-collection. Always look for the right offers before placing your order.

Eat Fresh

You eat fresh when you order anything from this online store. They have some of the most exotic and premium products to offer and are a giant online store for the leading fresh groceries.

They have everything from organic fruits to fresh meat and so much more at great prices with free delivery for orders with the right online offers. You can also opt for cold storage online to ensure the meat and foods remain fresh by the time they reach you.

Customer Satisfaction

They are the best online grocery store not only because of their products but because of the customer service that they offer.

They have many repeat customers that purchase a range of different products and get so much more in return.

Offer Free Delivery

You can avail free island-wide delivery with a minimum order of $60.

Amazon Fresh

Everyone already knows of Amazon and its delivery services. It is understandable they would also be offering one of the best online grocery delivery services also.

Whether it is offering fresh produce, cold storage products, or the best delivery fee, Amazon is a popular choice in Singapore for all of these reasons.

Convenient Delivery Options

You can choose when to get the delivery with their custom delivery service. You can either schedule it for two days later or fast-track to the same day. It all depends on you and you get the best delivery fee no matter where you are located.

You can track the products with ease and always ensure that you're there to receive them.

Cashback and Discounts

It is one of the leading online stores that offer the best service fee but also offers a Cashback option for all your online groceries.

Ryan’s Grocery

Get exquisitely healthy grocery delivered with complete cold storage options with the leading delivery fee being charged. You only get the best and fresh products delivered to your doorstep.

Wide Range of Exquisite Products

Not just grocery but you also get your hands on amazing snacks. Ryan's grocery next day delivery or same-day shipping policy includes a range of delicious fruit bars, nuts, beverages, and banana chips.

You also get ready-to-eat meat, soups and stews, veggies, sides, and so much more

Fresh Little Farms Products

They work with little farms and other farms to provide a range of online butcher services for meats and other products.

You will find free-range chicken, dairy products and so much more. For lactose-intolerant customers also have dairy-free options available.

Not to forget about the extensive range of seasonal produce that they offer.

Taste Gourmet Market

Easily get the highest quality meats, seafood, fruits, vegetables and many daily products at your doorstep.

It is a one-stop solution for all your grocery needs, just ask and they have along with a minimal service fee.

Leading Brand Suppliers

You can find a range of the leading brands available on this online grocery store.

You can be assured that you only receive the freshest groceries that there are. Some of the leading gourmet brands available include:

  • Swiss Butchery
  • Frisch Seafood
  • Sens Sushi
  • Black Marble
Extensive Variety

You can find fresh greens, amazing mushrooms, herbs, and various types of herbs. You can also find a vast range of beverages to pair with the exquisite grocery from here. There is no added service fee and you get everything at store price.

The meats you can find in this online store include grain-fed wagyu, and restaurant-grade poultry.

The seafood range here includes:

  • Tasmanian salmon
  • shrimp
  • crayfish
  • squid
  • crab.
  • frozen scallops
  • sea cucumber

You can avail free delivery for orders above $150 and even become a part of their loyalty program to enjoy cashback by registering your account.

Tada Fresh Market

Not just little farms products but everything and anything you need for grocery can be found here. You can everything you can think of from this online store.

They offer wet market facilities which are uncommon for online stores to do. They don't stop here but are always looking to expand their variety further.

You can always find something or the other that you may not find anywhere else in the world.

Wide Variety

You can find everything from fresh fruits vegetables, high-quality meat, seafood to exotic flower and loose stalks bouquets all in one place.

Free Delivery for Orders

You can order away anything under the sun to be delivered to your home. Then you also avail free delivery when you shop above $50. That to throughout the island without any issue.

It doesn't matter where you're located, you get the delivery option for it every time.

$1 Deal Week

You don't want to miss out on the $ 1-week deal and get the best price on your favourite snacks such as meats, seafood, desserts, and everything else. If you miss out on this week, you will miss out on the best offers there are during the year.

Sasha’s Fine Foods

Launched by a mother of three who was also a lawyer and took it upon herself to ensure that only the freshest of supplies were available throughout Singapore.

She was suspicious of the purchases she made through food stores, their cleanliness practices, product quality, and shipment origin. She wanted to ensure that her children and those around her only got the best of everything.

As a result, she did a lot of effort and was able to meet several trustworthy farmers and suppliers, which led to the establishment of Sasha's Fine Food.

Transparent Grocery Practices

You can now know where the food comes from thanks to Sasha's Fine Food's transparency.

It's a one-stop-shop that supplies everything you need for a fair price. Fresh fish and shellfish, vegetables and fruits, dairy and eggs, pastry, and even beverages are all available.

Free Delivery

In times of need, their quick delivery option makes things easier and more dependable. Orders of $100 or more are eligible for free delivery. You can ensure that you get the best deals by being smart about how you shop.

Using their tracking system, you don't have to worry about the hidden germs or other problems in your food supplies; instead, give your family the purest of nature.

You get the best groceries out there and that to in a short time.

Online Shopping Points & Rewards

Sasha's Fine Food can help you get the most out of your purchases. You can accumulate rewards for every order you make here, which you can then use to redeem some fantastic prizes.

Make the Best Grocery Decision

As a result, we've come up with a list of some of the greatest web grocery stores in Singapore. So, when it's time to go grocery shopping, don't be concerned. This simple list would answer all your questions in minutes and your groceries would be delivered to you in no time.

Simply choose from our top picks above and enjoy shopping at some of Singapore's best and most popular stores. Visit their websites to find out about amazing deals and special offers. Shopping should be enjoyable and healthy.

Grocery shopping through online ordering allows you to purchase from the comfort of your own dinner table, couch, or office, avoiding crowded aisles and long checkout lines. That means you'll have more time to pursue your passions.

By looking for the leading discount codes before you shop from any of the stores, you not only make your life easier but also get the best grocery price every time. For most of the leading grocery stores, you can find the discount codes on Super Saver Mama. You save on the groceries and get to order more than you thought.

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