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6 Reasons Why Online Shopping is a lot Cheaper than In-Store Shopping

6 Reasons Why Online Shopping is a lot Cheaper than In-Store Shopping

  • John Robert Samson
  • 23-Nov-2020

Over the last few years, we have observed the rise in online shopping. Most of the high-end brands already have a website to serve customers who do not have access to their stores, while some have entirely transferred their business to online to cut the marketing costs. Let’s take a look at the few major reasons why online shopping is cheaper than in-store.


There’s no doubt that online shopping is way more convenient than in-store shopping. You don’t need to get ready, lock the house, ask your neighbors to look after your pets or wait in the checkout queue for the billing. Just put on your comfiest PJs, take your laptop and get under your blankets. Once you have added the items you want in the cart, the billing process just makes you never want to go back to in-store shopping. Online shopping doesn’t require any kind of waiting; you just click, purchase the items right away, and have them delivered right at your doorstep in a few days. Easy as that!

Saves Fuel & Time

Maybe you don’t spend that much on your shopping than on the fuel to reach the shopping mall. I can definitely vouch for this! I live in a quiet secluded part of the city, from where shopping malls and restaurants are very far. When planning a shopping trip, I need to prepare myself for the hour-long drive and the large amount I would be spending on fuel. And don’t ask how grumpy I become when the trip doesn’t go successful! So, online shopping for me is a lot cheaper in this way that I don’t need to spend money on fuel or take time out of the busy schedule for the shopping trip. Mostly shopping malls have 24/7 availability, which means you can shop at midnight or early in the morning. No need to worry about the closing of the store.


We all have gone through the struggle of finding exactly what we want or going to different stores to shop for different items. This is no more a problem for consumers these days because of online shopping. The variety you get in online shopping is incredible, and it is as easy as pie to browse through hundreds of products in a matter of seconds. You can shop for clothes and kitchen appliances all in one day without having even a tiny bit of trouble. Do you remember how much annoyed you got upon reaching the shopping store and finding out that the product you want is out of stock? Been there! Now you get to know about the availability of products while sitting in your home. Plus, if you are looking for a specific item like a pair of black heels, you can just type it in the search bar and have hundreds of options from different stores.

Comparison of Costs

We all like to buy the products we want at the lowest rates. While this goal is a hassle to achieve in traditional shopping, it is a piece of cake in online shopping. Using the above-discussed example; if you want a specific product, you can just type it in the search bar, and not only will it give you lots of options from different stores, it will also make the comparison of prices very easy. You can easily check and compare the costs and buy the product at the lowest price.

Coupons & Voucher Codes

Another very beloved factor of online shopping is that you can score great discounts on your shopping by using coupons and voucher codes. Coupons have been helping us save money for a long time, but the difference now is that their accessibility has become much easier. Before, we would spend our Sundays clipping the square-ship coupons from newspapers, magazines, and flyers. Now, it’s all on your smartphone, and the deals are way better than before. You can find voucher codes of almost every brand online and never pay the full price of anything. Moreover, many online stores give you the option to sign up for their email newsletter and receive promotions and exclusive deals via email.


As much as we respect all the salesperson helping us in our shopping, sometimes it can be a bit of annoyance. And not to forget, the crowd. If you’re like me, you like to have complete peace and privacy when you do the shopping. Online shopping allows you the privilege to shop from the tranquility of your home and avoid unwanted interference of the salesperson. You can take hours to be entirely sure if you want to buy the product, no one’s judging you.

Final Note

Of course, in-store shopping still comes in a leisure activity to find an escape from the hectic daily routine, but let’s be honest, with all these pros, online shopping surely takes the cake.

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