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It all started from South Africa where a friend fascinated by the sauces invited his other friend from Portugal to taste his world unique recipe. The chicken and its recipe so much inspired Robbie Brozin coming from Portugal who along with him took the recipe and introduced these sauces to the world through our beloved Nando's. Avail the Nando's voucher codes to get discount on availing the best chicken in town.

Nando's a different kind of chicken restaurant where your ideal meal is served with the unanimous sauces only to be found here. The revived ways of the oldie but goldie chicken marination is the secret to its splendor. It is chain of restaurant where celebrities are desperate to be labelled a VIP and earn their own High Five Card. Nando's unique Portuguese style tradition makes it stand out among many. Peri peri sauces, tasty grocery range and marination is its heart throb along with the great sidelines like sweet potatoes wedges and kale which is mostly liked by people. Though the start took a long time unlike many other food chains but once it got its boom through inventive ways to serve it there was no stopping back. Avail the best possible markdown at Super Saver Mama through Nando's voucher codes and Nando's promo codes.

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