If you want to get your daily dose of iron, golf is exactly the kind of outdoor sports you’re looking for. Did you know that golf is known as one of the world’s oldest sports? Golf’s history is ironic and diverse. This type of sports is not only a source of entertainment but also has undoubtedly left a permanent imprint on the society.

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What could sound better than playing a lovely course on a warm sunny day with a group of pals? This sports is certainly one of the most expensive hobby one can get hooked to. Sports equipments used for golf are quite costly too and aren’t always easily accessible at any outdoor sports stores. It is a premier outdoor sports that doesn’t really follow any concrete rules but requires a lot of concentration and dedication. It surprisingly has a huge impact on a human beings personality since it teaches one good manners and respect. This indeed is a boujie sports played mostly by the rich and famous. The kind of expensive sports that doesn’t only describe a lot about a man but also helps him become smart and witty. Now isn’t this is something we should be very proud of as golfers?

Golf is the closest game to the game we call life! It’s simple, but tricky. All we got to do is target our goal, and aim for perfectionism. It is a game for realists which transforms a person and strengthens his personality. It requires a lot of devotion and the mind needs to focus really hard. The most exciting thing about playing sports is that you can walk down the fairway eating absolutely anything, chit chatting or just simply taking long breaks. This game doesn’t have to rush like other sports. It simply requires time and commitment. What other sport can you do this in? Indeed, it is a versatile game that solely depends on dedication and motivation in order to finesse it.

It is both mentally stimulating and physically challenging. It encourages you to walk at a pace of 6-7 km, for several hours and persistently use your brain for the mental challenges and pressure being faced. It also has a lot of health benefits such as reducing stress level and weight, improving sleep and heart rates. So if you really want to reform yourself and are a golf lovers, visit the closest outdoor sports academy and register yourself today.