Stop ruining your health with chemicals, organic food is the call of the hour!

Well! Thanks to the constant buzz about organic foods, consumers are becoming aware about their numerous benefits. Keeping in mind the various misconceptions about organic foods, let’s decode it. Organic or natural food is naturally grown sans any hormones, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, or drugs.  While compost and manure is used to help the plants grow, the animals are grown feeding in the natural habitat.

Whole foods like vegetable and fruits grown organically is enriched with high levels of essential minerals and vitamins, but conventional foods leave harmful chemical residues (artificial colors, preservatives, additives, and flavors). Natural foods such as meat, poultry, eggs, fish, and dairy products contain no antibiotic or growth hormone residues as it’s banned in organic farming.

Growing farm fresh food is tough for everyone, but you can buy them online from health food stores. How about learning some quick tips to get the best deals, while buying organic foods (both vegetables and animal produce)?

Here are the 5 brilliant points to be a smart shopper –

  1. Quality Vs. Quantity 

When you are buying food online or in person, don’t rush for cheap food in large quantity. Adapt to a healthy organic food diet gradually by shopping the farm produce from a reliable organic food store, like Marley Spoon. The online store specializes in doorstep delivery of deliciously healthy organic recipes and fresh ingredients to help you cook at home.

  1. Start shopping what’s your favorite

It’s wise to adapt to a new lifestyle step-by-step. So, start buying your favorite food first. Most nutritionists suggest that buying frequently consumed food from natural food stores is good, for the easy transition of your diet from conventional foods to organic foods. Get started with buying natural foods online and avail great discounts from SuperSaverMama. It is one of the most popular websites that offer authentic discount coupons and promo codes in Australia for buying organic foods and promoting good health. Eating healthy and saving big bucks was never this easy, while going green with natural foods.

  1. Buy seasonal food

Seasonal organic or natural food is full of nutrition and flavor to cook up a tasty and delicious meal. They also help to boost immunity and strength. Consume leafy greens, carrots, pumpkins, herbs, and other farm fresh items in their respective cultivation time, to get the best health benefits. Though, they are not cheap in season, you can try to buy from Marley Spoon and use SuperSaverMama’s coupon codes for a great deal.

  1. Stop the temptation for bulk shopping

Organic food has a low shelf-life, that’s why you know them as fresh. So, it’s recommended to buy in small quantities, either online or offline. Don’t bulk-buy during rainy season, as the fresh produce starts decaying faster. Lack of chemical preservatives, tend to spoil them sooner. Make sure to keep them sealed and refrigerated to use them for longer, and note the storage instructions as well. Don’t get tempted by bulk shopping discounts, if you are not going to consume the products at the earliest.

  1. Labels say it all

Fruits, vegetables, and every organic food available in packaged form will have a certified seal to prove its authenticity. Make sure to look for the information in label (e.g. ACO or Australian Certified Organic, EU Organic, or USDA Organic) of certification, to ensure that the food is devoid of hormones, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, GMOs, or drugs. Check the manufacturing and best before date to ensure the food is safe to consume, as natural foods have a small shelf-life.

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