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Running: an easy and beneficial workout

  • Syeda Ayesha Zeeshan
  • 08-Feb-2022

Running is a free activity that can be done anywhere and is the best fat-burning exercise among all other common forms of exercise. For a variety of reasons, people begin to run. Some people run to stay in shape, improve their health, lose weight, compete in races, or as a hobby. Whatever motivates you to run, you will get several physical, emotional, and mental benefits from this sport. Not only Running on a regular basis can help you avoid long-term ailments like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and stroke. It can also improve your mood and help you stay fit. Likewise, there are tons of convincing reasons as to why you should run. Here we have covered the top 20 for you.


Here is Why You Must Run!

Following are the reasons for picking up your shoes right now and hitting the road:

1) Keeps doctors away

Apples aren't the only thing that helps you avoid the doctor. According to a 2019 study, being active can help you avoid 15% of colorectal cancers. According to a 2016 study, women who exercise for 150 minutes per week, such as running, decrease their breast cancer risk by at least 9%.

2) You can eat without regrets!

Here's another reason to eat more spaghetti: Increasing carb consumption during strenuous training (such as race preparation) can help you perform better and improve your mood during longer runs. Running may be a good excuse to keep carbin' if you really, truly adore potatoes and bread.

3) Complete at least a century

According to a 2019 study, runners not only have fewer impairments and stay fit longer than their inactive peers, but they also live longer.

The researchers attribute this health benefit to long-distance runners' tendons having less glycation.

Excess blood sugar binds to collagen and elastin molecules in the tendons and skin, causing glycation once glucose messes with the protein that keeps our skin supple and strong.

4) Lovely glow without 'glow and lovely'

Working up a sweat, believe it or not, helps clear your pores of the muck that clogs them and causes those troublesome breakouts. Sweating causes the skin to create a peptide called dermcidin, which kills microorganisms.

A good sweat workout can also help to enhance natural oils, which keep your skin looking young and healthy. (To avoid breakouts, remember to remove your makeup before working out and gently wash afterward.)

5) Remain on fire

Burning calories means you have to work for your carbs and snacks, and running is a great method to accomplish just that. A high-intensity run can burn 910 calories for men and 730 calories for women, but you don't have to go all out to get rid of that stored energy. Even running one mile in 9 mins helps males burn 730 calories, and women burn 580 calories. Run with sneakers that help you lose weight meaning use quality footwear while running to make the most out of it.

6) Murders the silent murderer

High blood pressure (HBP), often called the "silent killer," is a medical condition that must be avoided at all costs. According to a 2020 study, putting in some good ol' roadwork will lower your resting blood pressure.

The benefits of running on blood pressure in those who already have a condition of HBP, on the other hand, are dependent on the intensity of the exercise. Low-mileage, moderate-intensity runs are recommended as a way to lower blood pressure.

7) Strengthen your bones

Resistance training is great, but the truth is running can help build more stronger bones than doing reps. Running helps to build muscle that lower-impact of missing workouts, resulting in healthier bones as you get older.

Running, according to a 2019 study, increases the presence of bone formation markers in the body, which are molecules that indicate how your body absorbs and generates bone. The more bone formation indicators you have, the more bone you'll get for your money. So put your sneakers on and go moving.

8) Get a surge of energy

Do you have a lethargic feeling? Instead of sitting on the couch, go for a jog. While it may appear that being active may exhaust you, it will really revive you. A single run can help you feel more energised and less tired.

Regular exercise, according to a 2020 systematic analysis of persons with multiple sclerosis (MS), is essential for controlling fatigue symptoms. The chill will sweep the cobwebs right off you, especially if you're out running in a strong wind.


9) Makes your core stronger

A strong core helps to improve posture, strengthen limbs, and make daily activities easier. Running also activates your stomach, developing those all-important muscles whether you realise it or not. People don't always credit running as a contribution to core strength in the same way that Pilates does. However, it can still be beneficial.

Bonus: Having a strong core can help you run faster. Running is good for your core, and your core is good for running back.

10) It has your heart safe and secured

Running for 5 to 10 mins a day can lower the chance of dying from heart disease. For those who currently meet the recommended physical activity guidelines (150 minutes of moderate-intensity activity per week), adding an extra burst of action can help reduce your risk of heart disease even more.(Just don't overdo it and as it can end up doing more harm than benefit.)

11) Boost your endurance

Running on a regular basis will increase your endurance, making your training more pleasurable and productive. And don't forget that lasting longer isn't just good on the track - it's also useful in other areas (if you know, you know).

12) Maintain a steady pace

There isn't a lot of evidence on the benefits of running for balance. However, an earlier study indicated that older persons who have run before having a better chance of stopping themselves from falling than those who have not.

Don't go overboard.

Yes, we're giving you a list of reasons why you should run right now — but not too often. Stress fractures account for 10% of all sporting injuries but 30% of running injuries, according to data from 2020. That means pounding the sidewalk and placing undue stress on your joints, and connective tissue is probably not a good idea. Instead, take some break from your regular running routine when your body is too drained or when you are exhausted. What you can do is consider brisk walk, Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas and Nike Air Jordan are good options for light casual walks

13) Make a list of your objectives.

People who establish and fulfil (or surpass) long-term fitness objectives (such as registering for a half-marathon) are more likely to stick to and enjoy their workout routines than those who plod along aimlessly.

"Motivation and incentive are crucial aspects for keeping people active during a time when they'd rather binge all three "A Christmas Prince" movies and cry into their corn tortillas", according to research conducted during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Goal-setting then becomes an upward spiral in which you create objectives to motivate yourself, then when you achieve them, it motivates you even further and helps you grow and beat your own previous laps.

14) Go back to your roots

Bruce Springsteen was correct when he said, "We were born to run." Running was employed by our forefathers to catch prey and evade predators, transforming us from apes to humans (oh, how sneaky we were).

Running is an excellent way to reconnect with the part of you that enjoys dodging woolly mammoth charges. Playing "Call of Duty" doesn't quite hit the mark. It is in our evolutionary genes to run around.

15) It gives you a goodnight sleep

Runners have healthy sleeping routines that give them the bases to keep up performing high. In short, Running leads to a higher quality of sleep, which translates into better Zzz's till the break of dawn.

16) Reintroduce the sexiness of your body

Not only does having a rockin' runner's body increase confidence in bed, but regular exercise can also aid with flexibility between the sheets and get you in the mood more regularly, according to a study.

While more recent analyses have revealed that there is limited evidence to support the link between aerobic exercise and increased sex time in females around the period of menopause, feeling good about yourself will help you feel good in bed.

On the other hand, a 2020 study discovered that dissatisfaction with one's body image could interfere with one's capacity to climax, both alone and with a partner.

17) Improves your memory

It has been proven that exercise helps to keep the brain active and sharp. A 2011 study on mice found that running on the track reduced dementia symptoms and protected the brain from Alzheimer's disease, though the researchers were unable to confirm these findings in humans. Nevertheless, getting your legs moving might help clear your mind and refocus your attention.

18) Get rid of your stress by running.

During your stressful days, try running a marathon instead of watching a mindless reality show. Physical activity not only lowers stress hormones like cortisol, but it may also reshape the brain, making it quieter and more resistant to stress – a 2012 study on mice found.

Physical activity not only lowers stress hormones like cortisol, but it may also reshape the brain, making it quieter and more resistant to stress – a 2012 study on mice found.

19) See the bright side

Going for a run can help you clear your thoughts and feel better if your mood is poor or you're in a funk. According to a review published in 2020, studies show a link between jogging and enhanced mood.

It isn't all roses, though. According to the study, studies on the link between running and mental health employ small sample sizes, and running may contribute to exercise addiction and over-dependence on working out to feel better, hence resulting in overstressing of one's body.


20) Boost your self-esteem

Do you need another reason to go green? A previous study discovered that runners who went outside and had a good view of nature had higher post-workout self-esteem than those who only had unpleasant surroundings to look at. Running was proposed as a therapeutic strategy for self-esteem concerns in a more recent study.

Do This to Get Motivation

However, getting started and Keeping yourself motivated might be difficult – here's how to make it work for you.

Set Goals:

Setting challenges is a great way to keep motivated at any level. A smart method to stay motivated is to train for a competition, such as a 5K or a charity run. You can look up local running events online and search for information on free weekly runs for runners of all levels.

Keep a journal:

Keep track of your runs in a journal. Make a note of your route, time, distance, weather conditions, and how you feel on each run. That way, whenever your drive starts to wane, you can go back and see how far you've come. That way, whenever your drive starts to wane, you can go back and see how far you've come.

Save some money:

Forget about expensive gym memberships and sophisticated equipment: All you need is the correct footwear and right apparel when it comes to jogging. You can find best men's walking shoes and best classic sneakers for women on Footlocker UK. Use supersavermama footlocker coupon code, 'best sneakers under 100' to get exclusive discounts.

Jog with a buddy:

It's a lot easier to run with someone who is approximately your level of competence. When you're not in the mood to run, you'll cheer each other on. You'll be motivated by the fact that you don't want to let your jogging companion down.

Make new acquaintances:

Are you sick of meeting jerks at the bar? Join a local running group or use the internet to find other health-conscious people with whom you can hit the road. Especially during this pandemic, it's the best physically distanced activity to perform with your friends or to-be friends. During a run, twenty questions are just as nice (boozy brunches afterward are optional).


Keep things interesting by mixing things up:

Adding diversity to your jogging will keep it interesting. It's easy to get bored of running the same route over and over. Vary the mileage, pace, and routes you take. Forget about doing boring loops around the track—Interval training aids in the acceleration of metabolism and the improvement of cardiovascular fitness. Bonus: Interval runners have more joy running (really!) and are more likely to keep it up, according to research.

Go anywhere, whether your own town or explore your neighbouring towns.

Running is an excellent approach to make improvements and discover new aspects of oneself. Whether you're on the treadmill breaking new ground in your stats or exploring new areas of your city (or, if you're feeling very arrogant, the next town over) or a park.

Running may help you cultivate excitement about where you live and what you're capable of, and it's easy to rack up miles. Even better, lace up your sneakers for a fresh adventure on your next vacation. Just make sure you let someone know when you expect to return, just in case.

Join a group:

A running club is an excellent method to make a commitment to running on a regular basis. The majority of clubs have running groups for all abilities of runners, including novices. Clubs are also an excellent place to meet new people and run with them outside of club sessions.

Tag along your furry friends:

Dogs are known as man's best friend for a reason, and they may also be used as a training partner. Grab a leash and introduce a new type of reward to your pet. Also, what's not to like about spending more time with your lovely four-legged friend?


Do it all year round:

No matter what the weatherman says (just dress accordingly! ), you can rack up the miles. It's an excellent approach to stay motivated during the winter months and to develop a fitness lifestyle rather than a fad. Is the weather still not cooperating? To receive the same health benefits indoors, spice up your treadmill run.

To speed things up, jam out:

When running, put on headphones to raise your speed and gain a surge of energy. We're not even going to pass judgement on your playlist.

Get in touch with nature:

  1. Because sometimes, the only solution is to dash through a field in the style of "The Sound of Music." Do you want your toes to be tickled by the grass? Try wearing nothing at all or hiking shoes. To minimise injuries, make sure to ease out your regular running style, and pace as the hills will be a hive of activity.

From dawn to dusk; make most of it:

A morning or evening stroll is a terrific way to take in your surroundings, clear your mind, and get some fresh air to start or end your day. A jog around the neighbourhood, instead of a leisurely strolling pace, will burn more calories in the same amount of time and provide all of the above benefits.

Be a pro:

Taking up a new pastime, interest, or way of life provides you with a whole new set of ideas and words to work with. Joining Facebook groups can help you meet like-minded people who can help you learn everything there is to know about running.

Running gears being the most important of all:

Your running gear has a significant impact on your training results and motivation to run. Having the correct equipment is essential, whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned athlete. The appropriate equipment might help you succeed and perhaps make your runs more fun.

Essential Running Gears:

Three basic running gears are right top, bottom and good fit shoes.

Best sneakers under 100 to get you started

As a runner, your sneakers are the most vital piece of protective equipment. As a result, you should devote time and resources to finding the ideal pair. You need a fresh pair of good quality, comfortable sneakers that fit your unique foot biomechanics and stride and at the same feel comfortable if you want to stay pain-free and a healthy runner.

We hate to disappoint you, but running in the worn-out walking shoe or poor-fitting shoes is not a good idea (neither is running in your favourite classic shoe). In fact, it's one of the most common causes of injury and pain. So, if you have an old pair collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe, toss them out and go to the nearest running store to purchase a new pair.


Running shoes from Puma, Addidas, Sports Direct, Nike, and are the best shoe brands and stores in the town, but you are free to experiment with other brands and styles. Comfort, fit and flexibility should always be the most important factors to consider while shopping for new shoes.

Here are some helpful tips for selecting the best walking sneakers for men and women:

  1. Hit the market after office; it is when your feet are at their largest (our feet tend to swell after prolonged sitting or standing).
  2. Shoes should be purchased from a running speciality store. The expert staff will examine your foot type, running needs, running biomechanics, and personal preferences before recommending the best pair for you.
  3. Allow at least a thumbnail's width of space between the end of the shoe and your big toe.
  4. Don't pay too little or too much. A cheap pair won't give you adequate support and won't last very long, but an extremely costly pair is unnecessary—especially if you're simply a casual runner. For casual runners, we recommend the best mens casual sneakers from Puma and Nike. These sneakers will not only be affordable but of top quality too.

Best walking sneakers for men and women

Sure, the most costly pair in the store isn't always the best, but don't cut corners. The best high top sneakers womens and Best mens casual sneakers can be found in a mid-range shoe, ranging from $80 to $120 on the following brands:

They provide exceptional cushioning and stability. If you still want to save a few bucks, go for a mid- or top-range sneaker from the previous year collection. The variations will be minor, but you'll receive a top-of-the-line pair for a fraction of the price. Expect to pay between $80 and $160. Read 5 Tips to Keep in Mind For Shopping the Best Running Shoes! to get an idea for buying quality footwear.



Running Clothing

Shoes are important, but they aren't the only factor that makes running more comfortable and pleasant. Clothing is also important.

Quality fabric sportswear is the key

Quality Sportswear Fabric is the key In the winter, you'll be extremely cold, and in the summer, you'll be extremely hot. Plus, there's more. When cotton becomes wet, it becomes a prickly material that can cause blisters and discomfort. Instead, you'll require gear constructed of high-tech, high-performance materials.

These textiles absorb sweat in the same way that a candle does and then transport it to the outermost layer, where it evaporates. It also dries more quickly than cotton.

Even in bad weather, high-performance apparel can help you maintain your body temperature. This is achieved by storing heat in the winter and releasing it in the summer. On Footlocker, you'll find the best synthetic fabric options, such as Thermax, DryFit, polypropylene, Thinsulate, or silk.

You'll need these running clothes:

Here's what to look for while shopping for running gear.


The type of shirt you wear is determined by the weather. As a result, you'll need shirts in a variety of fabrics for various seasons and temperatures—sleeveless shirts, light shirts, hefty turtlenecks, and so forth.

Invest in technical fabrics.

Unlike cotton, which gets wet and stays wet, developing into a heavy and prickly fabric that can cause nipple bleeding and chafed underarms, technical materials feel light, comfortable, and cool against the skin.

Technical fabrics can also help maintain your body temperature by releasing heat during hot days and conserving it when the temp decreases. On the skin, they feel cool, light, and comfortable. Nylon or fabrics like Dri-Fit, Climalite, or Coolmax are used to make good running T-shirts. You can find such fitness apparel on Footlocker.

Get a garment with a breathable mesh upper panel covering high-heat regions like the back, underarms, and sides to help control your body temperature. Whatever you decide to wear, make sure it fits comfortably. So it doesn't irritate you while you're jogging.


You'll need legwear that moves with you while keeping you protected from the elements. The finest options are running tights and running shorts. These can be used on and off the road for training. Running tights and Shorts are two options for leg clothing that we recommend.

The ideal shorts are those that are composed of lightweight and breathable fabrics and have a light mesh internal underwear lining. Also, look for shorts with pockets for carrying keys, gels, ID, or your phone.

Tights composed of high-performance, elastic fabrics like Supplex or Nylon are the best. These can wick sweat away from the body, allowing you to run in comfort regardless of the weather. Tights are particularly good for beginners who are overweight because they prevent chafing and severe discomfort and irritation in the inner thighs. Overall, your legwear should be constructed of a lightweight material that guards you against debris and allows you to move freely.

Your casual shoes won't work for running miles. Get the proper running gears to make the most out of your running experience. You don't have to compromise on the style, you can wear the most stylish retro sneakers or your all white sneakers and jam it up with a black hoodie or shirt depending upon the weather.

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