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More About Bathroom Wall

More About Bathroom Wall


Bathroom Wall is an unlicensed company, and their T-shirts are not the licensed merchandise of any band, musician, and artists that are why they do not place and trademarked logos or names on their products. Bathroom Wall does not represent their products in any way as it seems official merchandise of any music band or artists. They only offer their designed t-shirts for the customers and music fans waiting for the alternative product related to the official bands and artists.

The exception to the story of being unofficial, unlicensed merchandise is their sale of rock n roll, pet dictators, geek and the Tom Bloomfield t-shirts and paintings where Bathroom Wall is the real outlet for the fans who could not afford the official merchandise products but love the band or artist. Bathroom Wall team represents their products as "for fans, made by fans."

The favourite prints on the t-shirts are of music bands, musician, movies, and bands before success which are mostly liked and popular among the fans are classic, rock, blues, jazz, before they were famous, reggae, soul, funk, hard rock metal and folk. Get your favourite t-shirts at discounted prices by using Bathroom Wall discounts, vouchers, and promos at SuperSaverMama UK to buy your desired one.


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