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More About Bear Strength

More About Bear Strength


We've bent over backwards to bring you flexible and flattering workout essentials that offer optimum comfort and coverage while you're stretching it out. Here are our top picks   Origins Cross Back Sports Bra Though high intensity workouts or such as CrossFit, running or HIIT training will require more protection and support than gentler exercise such as yoga, pilates and barre, light support is still crucial for these workouts and our seamless, super soft cross back. For voucher codes and promo codes visit!


The New Year will see a host of us donning our shiny new gym gear to set out on our journey to transform our fitness over the coming months.   Though the visions will vary, the principals of New Year's Resolutions remain the same setting the goals and milestones is the easy part, but committing to the end goal and staying on track when the going gets tough is the part that will challenge you the most.   An effective plan is key to ensuring these aspirations become a reality, so here's some top tips to help you stay with the fitness that makes you feel better.


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