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Lego Discount Codes and Vouchers | "Up To 50% Off" | August 2022



More About LEGO

More about LEGO:

The best play ever

Everybody wants to go back to the time they were children and could play freely with their building blocks. The time when the boundaries of your imagination were the only things restricting you. When you could implement all of your ideas into life and see your own hands build cities, castles, cars and more. You did that with LEGO blocks and now your children can do the same.


Supersavermama is happy to help you go back to those happy times and enable you buy LEGO toys for less. Discount codes and vouchers are a perfect way to save plenty of money and have just as much fun as then and there. Subscribe and you'll have many more opportunities to feel like a child again.

Go back in time

Times change, technologies are more advanced but some things remain just as good as they used to be. These things include LEGO, the most well-known blocks in the world. Suitable for young children and for adults, they are a perfect way to put any idea into life. Build houses, office buildings, train stations and war tanks just the way you want.


Small children can play with LEGO Duplo, which cannot be swallowed due to their size, and are safe for little mouths. They are a fantastic way for under threes to learn about colours, shapes, people and objects. A great learning experience, which is as fun as possible. For a bit older children, who know better than putting everything in their mouths, there are many fascinating sets created to develop their imagination. Some of them are based on famous stories, such as Lord of the Rings or Star Wars. Their own intergalactic battles can now be fought in the comforts of their own rooms.

The best thing about LEGO, which makes it a perfect play for everyone, is that the brick sets can be adjusted to everyone's interest. Develop your child's passions by getting them their perfect set, taken from their favourite cartoon or in line with their favourite activities. Play Heartlake Airport or Adventure Camp Tree House and let it be an outlet for their artistic abilities to be released.


Not enough LEGO? Join the VIP programme which allows you to earn points by spending money in the LEGO store. You'll be able to exchange them for valuable rewards later on and you will be the first to hear about exclusive new releases. You will also receive vouchers and coupons towards your future purchases. Simply register your card for free and start earning. And if you want even more, just take your family to the most fun place in the world Legoland, where the entire cities are built of LEGO bricks. Can you think of a better holiday for your children?


Find out how to spend and save

With LEGO discount codes you can start saving today. It's very easy and doesn't take time at all. You and your child will then be able to explore a whole new world of possibilities with the most beloved toy in the world. Simply apply these rules:

  1. Find deals above and check their expiration dates. Click on the one you find the most attractive. Should there be a discount code to copy do it.

  2. When you do that, go to LEGO store's website to start looking for your set.

  3. Check each interesting set carefully and if you find you need more, you can also buy additional ones from standard collections.

  4. To buy a set you find interesting, simply add it to your bag. Choose quantity.

  5. Click on your bag icon to review, edit or remove your order. You can also add a promo code if you have one from Supersavermama.


  1. Go to checkout to pay using your card and stating your full personal details.

You can now play as much as you like with your kids or alone. You were able to save plenty of cash so you deserve a reward in the form of more deals from Supersavermama!

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