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Lidl Discount Codes and Vouchers | "Up To 50% Off" | August 2022



More About Lidl

Lidl promo code is a German international discount supermarket chain with over 600 stores in the UK and about 200 in Ireland. The company was founded in 1930 and has spread in over 20 countries all over Europe. The unusual name comes from a surname of one of the business partners of the founder. Lidl is known for generally low prices kept thanks to a no-frills approach to retail, which in this case is displaying most of the products in their original delivery cartoons for the customers to take the products straight from those cartoons. This significantly reduces costs and is one of the strategies used by Lidl to maintain attractive prices with no loss in the quality of offered products.

Lidl Promo Code


You dont need to go to on of many Lidl stores to find out whats in stock. A dedicated, fully-functional website was created to help you find what youre looking for,  to inform you about all the latest deals and to keep you in touch with the whole Lidl community. Visit website to find out what new products you can buy from the following categories: Fresh Meat, Fresh Fish, Fruit & Veg, Bakery, Chilled & Frozen, Beer, Wines & Spirits, Food Cupboard and Household. Every main section is further divided into smaller subcategories so that you can easily find what youre looking for. You won't see just dry lists of products you are given information about their origins, tips for storing, recipes with the use of given products and customer reviews.


Lidl for you

Lidl website was created with you, Lidl customer, in mind. It exists for your convenience and it provides you with a set of services to meet all your requirements.

  • You can use a store finder which, relying on your postcode, will display on the map all the stores in your area.

  • There is a Lidl app for you, so that you can reach Lidl any place and any time you want.

  • Online leaflets are an environment-friendly alternative for paper leaflets with new entries and promotions that can be found in stores.

  • From the website you can read these leaflets on-line. Recipes page encompasses a wide selection of recipes (duh!) from cuisines around the world as well as healthy and vegetarian options.

  • You dont need to keep hundreds of manuals for all the products you buy at Lidl, because Lidl has taken them all and put on its website so that you can find them in one place, any time you need them.

  • Competitions page is definitely worth checking regularly. Take part without hesitation and win amazing awards, for example a family holiday to... Bordeaux? Why not!


LidlSurprises is an innovatory marketing campaign that addresses people who raised scepticism or doubts about Lidl products quality. Being careful as we are, we could suspect some catch behind such low prices as Lidl offers. Thats why Lidl invites sceptic people to spend a day at one of Lidl farms so that all people can see for themselves how fresh food products are prepared to be sold in Lidl stores. If you want to find more also about other Lidl products, including honest opinions of other buyers  go to My Lidl to read product reviews, chat with people and share various tips and tricks with them.



Reading online leaflets is not the only way to find out about the newest Lidl promo code sales and discounts. Check out Sensational Deals category to find what is on sale at the moment. Also, see our to know which departments will be struck with promotions and new products at a given time of a month. Visit Supersavermama website to find all the promotions currently ongoing at Lidl and check whether there are some sweet, free vouchers for you to use on your shopping.




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