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Gustav Lundberg Thoreson and Tobias Bengt dahl came up with the concept of memmo when sitting as guests at various wedding dinners. They had been thinking for a long time about the positive and emotional impact that happens when you have a personal interaction with inspiring people.

The evening abruptly came to a halt after a series of lengthy addresses, all of which were a little too internal for anyone to understand. With a huge congratulations to the lucky groom, a video clip of the bride's main idol was shown, with some playful lines about how it should have instead been the bride and him. A few miles south, at a similar occurrence outside of Paris, the entire wedding party bursts out laughing. During dinner, video clips of a French football player were seen, and the atmosphere was very different from before. Both Gustav and Tobias had the same thoughts: how did they get hold of the videos, and is there a way to share these positive encounters more frequently?

One response led to another. Obtaining these profiles was not an easy task. Personal interaction with agents or the profiles themselves was just the start, and putting the video together was a separate operation. A difficult gift, but one that was well worth the effort. The reactions to these clips were amazing, and more people should be aware of them - at least, that's what Gustav and Tobias thought, and thus memmo was born.

memmo is a website that allows celebrities to send personalized video messages to their fans and followers. As a customer, you send a message request - a greeting, an internal joke, or some fancy words for a big speech - and the profile decides which videos they want to perform for the predetermined amount. Our platform is used to film, send, and pay for video.


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