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More About Revolut

More About Revolut

Pioneered by Russian banking and software experts Nikolay Storonsky and Vlad Yatsenko after witnessing personally the scandalous fees seen at other banks when exchanging funds, Revolut was made to combine a simplistic and easy-going banking experience with top-tier technology, access to cryptocurrency, and cost-free international spending. Now, with only a few years under its belt, Revolut supports over eight million customers worldwide and deals with millions in customer funds on a daily basis, a sign of the company’s transparency and longstanding trust with clients worldwide.

With the rise of the likes of Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies over the past decade, Revolut quickly saw the potential of this new form of funding and aimed to connect as many customers with their new digital funds as possible. Now premium customers can access five separate cryptocurrencies with a few flicks of a finger, giving customers the ability to spend and exchange as they please. Combining this with innovative additions like spending via Apple Pay, pocketing your spare change on every transaction via the Vault service, no-fee withdrawals, and other nifty bonuses, it’s easy to see why so many high street bank customers have made the digital switch to Revolut.


How do I use my Revolut promo code?

To get even more from your money when banking with Revolut, you’ll want to copy the promo code directly from our mobile app. Then once you’ve entered the details for your transaction/exchange on the Revolut app itself, have your promo code ready to paste before proceeding.


Supersavermama Top Saving Tip:

There’s no easier way to keep your monthly spending in-check than with the Revolut built-in budgeting systems, which can micromanage your expenses so you know exactly how much you have for everything from groceries to dining out.


How do I view the Revolut exchange rate?

Revolut prides itself on its exceptional exchange rates worldwide, which are not fixed and change in accordance with other banks and financial influences. The current rate can be viewed at any time through the Revolut app, whilst the company Help page goes through the particulars of certain currencies and exchange rates on weekends.


On what devices is the Revolut app supported?

In sync with the modern age of smart technology, the Revolut app can be used on any iPhone, iPads and Apple Watches with iOS 10 or better. For Android devices, any phone with a minimum screen size of 3.5 inches as well as Android 6.0 or better can be used too (Andoird tablets are unfortunately not currently supported.)


What’s the pricing for different Revolut memberships?

Customers have free reign to pick one of three different memberships to suit their needs: a standard account that doesn’t cost, a premium account (£6.99 a month), and a metal account (£12.99 a month). The two paid memberships give you access to cryptocurrencies, cashback incentives, and better customer support. For a full listing of each type's perks, look through the Revolut Pricing page.


Revolut Delivery Options

Once you’ve confirmed your account, your Revolut card will be delivered either within 9 working days if you choose standard delivery or within 4 business days should you select express delivery.

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