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Tall Tails Dog was created to provide you with the highest quality dog gear and dog gifts that your best friend deserves. We've been making... since 1933. UK is an online subscription-based shopping marketplace for high-quality, specialty dog food and other canine food items based in Richmond, England. Consumers create profiles for their dogs, which include details such as breed, health issues, and age, which uses to create personalised dogfood recipes. Customized foods, such as hypoallergenic food, senior food, or food for sensitive stomachs, are created using an algorithm that integrates essential nutrients targeted at the customer's individual pet needs. Foods are sent to the consumer's home on a monthly basis, or twice a month for dogs, until a recipe is developed. All of's products are made with high-quality ingredients by veterinarians and nutritionists. There are dry, wet, and puppy formulations available for personalization. Low-calorie daily treats, dental treats, and hand-baked dog biscuits are also available. subscriptions can be cancelled at any time.

In 2013, a small group of people banded together to make a vet's dream a reality. They set out to tackle a dilemma at the heart of the pet food industry: amid the plethora of one-size-fits-all foods available in stores, there was never anything that could tick all of the boxes. Long lists of enigmatic ingredients on the packaging just contributed to the mystery – there had to be a simpler way to properly feed dogs.

As a result, formed a crack team of experts, including veterinarians, nutritionists, and engineers (along with their dogs), to devise a super-smart way to build a special recipe for each and every dog – including yours. Your dog's recipe is based on facts that you might remember, from his strange preference for whiffy fish smells to his itchy skin condition.

We're a canine-obsessed community. At our Richmond office, where every day is "bring your dog to work day," we have as many water bowls as coffee cups. We all joined in order to assist people like us in providing the best treatment for our pets. With so many dogs around, we stay focused on the important things: empty dishes, shiny coats, and bouncy walks.

Away from the cup
It's not just about the food, of course. Our service provides one-on-one assistance for each client, remaining true to our original mission of assisting dog owners in recognising their dog's diet. Do you have a question about your order? Please give us a call. Are you unsure if your dog is having enough food? Please send us an email. We're also available if you just want to talk about your dog.

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