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More About Zipcar

More About Zipcar


Zip Car creates freedom for its customers from any sort of transport hassles and issue that the customers might face while travelling to a distant location. Zip Car aims is to provide its customers with an amazing member driver user experience. They want their customer to experience this change through alternative transport facilities. Zip Car club has a golden standard service when it comes to cars and has 24/7 access to thousands of cars around the globe. Zip Car can be the dream solution to your car and travelling issues.

Zip Car service can be availed worldwide and is currently working in cities like United Kingdom, Austria, Germany, France, Turkey, United States of America, Canada and Spain. Now for your next destination you need not worry about the car rentals and the car cost because Zip Car has got it all covered for you.

You can use the Zip Car service by simple four steps, like First apply online and join the Zip Car organization, Second reserve your Zip Car by applying online or on the Zip Car application, Third unlock the car codes with you Zip Car password, and then simply drive the car and when you're done you can return the car by parking it at the reserved parking spot.


The best part about using Zip Car is that it is safe and fuel, insurance, congestion charges all are free for the customers and Zip Car pays for them. If still in doubt you can try their 30 day trial version with the promo codes and voucher available through Super Saver Mama


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