When you mention diet, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? Of course, it’s the concept of weight loss; but what if I were to tell you that there’s more to it than just being a weight loss routine? Your diet plan is basically the food that you consume on a daily basis, and it’s more specific to managing weight and taking in nutrition for health benefits. However, the concept of dieting has been built to being specifically regarded to weight loss and that is a rising fact. However, the fact, in itself, is a myth.

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What are diets typically used for?

As mentioned, diets are basically the amount of food that you consume on a day-to-day basis. That means that this can either be regarded for fitness, weight loss or even weight gain. Believe it or not, some people actually do suffer from the lack of weight gain, and that can be a result of either major health concerns or an a very simple case of a fast metabolism or an unhealthy lifestyle. While you may believe that never being able to gain weight is a blessing, and yes, most of us have been in a position to envy the “lucky ones”, it’s not as pretty as you think. Just as people struggling to lose weight, people opting for the opposite also tend to suffer from body image, mental and physical health problems. Yeah,no one’s really happy with what they’ve got. It’s not just about suffering from eating disorders, it’s also about finding the underlying cause. However, let's begin our discussion by looking at the more common uses of dieting; weight loss.

Weight loss

Weight is a major concern for most people but it’s something that can easily managed with determination, exercise and a good diet plan for weight loss. But before you consider a good routine, you need to get to the root of the problem. There are many reasons that could lead to an unhealthy weight and amongst them are:


If you’re wondering how lifestyle affects weight then you've come to the right place. While it may be a common discussion, most people still fail to take it into consideration. Lifestyle mainly considers the quantity of food and exercise that you carry out on a daily basis. Smoking can also be included in your lifestyle choices, and while many people may argue that it actually aids weight loss, there’s also the concept of long-term smoking that increases your appetite and allows you to eat more. Oh, and you absolutely must lead a life of exercise.That doesn’t mean you head out to the gym all the time, it just means that you leadan active lifestyle.


The food that you eat can often result in detrimental effectson the health, especially your weight. Most people tend to much on whateverthey can get their hands on, that’s not the way to go about it. You need theright meal plans with the rightquantity, in order to ensure that your body is fit. When you’re following afitness routine, you need to make sure that you follow a plan that ensureseither an Organic diet or food thatis both great tasting and offers a healthy substitute to your junk foodcravings.

Health problems

Some health problems can lead to excessive weight gain.That’s not really your fault, however, you need to still make sure that youdon’t let it get out of control. That means you need to maintain the rightlifestyle and also a balanced nutritionaldiet. Once you have that in control, you won’t have to worry about gaining more weight than normal.


Some medications have side effects that relate to gaining weight, just like with your health problems, you would have no control over it.However, you can still maintain your mass or avoid it from going overboard by taking the precautions mentioned earlier.

Slow metabolism

If you have a slow metabolism then your only solution is to exercise more and eat foods that promote a healthy digestive system; preferably foods with fibers. Also, make sure you drink lots of fluids since they promote a better way to lose weight.

Sometimes your weight gain isn’t really caused because of your negligence, it’s caused by other factors that really aren’t in your control. However, you need to accept your body and start taking care of your weight the right way; through weight loss meal plans and exercise routines.

Dieting for weight loss

Putting exercise aside, your diet is one of the major factors contributing towards weight gain. If you’re looking for ways to lose weight then you need to make sure you have sufficient amount of certain items in your food. Remember, not all nutrition would be suitable for your body. Let’s take a look at some of the dietary requirements that may be needed.

If you’re a vegetarian

If you’re a vegetarian, then chances are that you’re already in great shape and don’t need a weight loss routine at all! But that’s just an assumption and if you’re still looking to gain the perfect body then you must be looking for how to lose weight naturally. Of course, omitting out the poultry and dairy. What you need is a vegetarian meal plan for weight loss, but if you’re not much of a fan of meal plans then you can have a guide to what you should and shouldn’t eat. That’s what this post is here for.

Basically, what you need to do is focus on fresh fruits and vegetables and add:




Whole grains

Seeds, etc.

And try to cut down processed foods, especially those containing food additives, fats, starch, sodium and sugars. Remember, own your dietary choices because nobody said anything about needing dairy to better your lifestyle. A pure vegetarian diet is the best method when looking into losing weight. Even most non-vegetarians tendto take up this lifestyle just for the sake of fitness, and it really helps!

If you’re a non-vegetarian

Non-vegetarians have it more difficult because junk food ismuch more taxing to get rid of, and there’s a lot more that you need to give upon. When it comes to losing weight then you need to make sure these are the items to avoid for weight loss:

·      Oily or fatty food items

·      Sweet or sugary drinks, including most fruit juices

·      Carbs

·      Sweets and desserts

·      Alcohol, especially beers

·      Dairy

·    Caffeinated drinks

Yeah, you’re probably wondering about what you can eat, right? Well, there’s a lot that you can eat but you need to make sure they’refresh and mostly organic. Eating foods with lots of fiber in it can better your metabolism and increase the ability to digest food making it better to lose weight.

Next, you need to make sure you drink lots of water. There's water diet that helps to reduce weight but avoid opting for that.

That because over consumption of water can have detrimental effects on your health.Instead of over-consumption, you can instead follow the simple procedure of drinking the same amount as you eat. Remember, take a heavy breakfast and decrease the quantity through the day. Always make sure your dinner is the lightest meal of the day.

*Note: Sugary foods are the most difficult to quit, that’s why it’s best to check out Sarah Wilson’s I quit Sugar recipes for a better, more delicious diet.

When is it best to start a diet?

Now, everyone knows that they are mostly considered overweight when their body starts putting on fat, but how do you know when is the right time to consider a weight loss routine? After all, you can’t just base your efforts on what you believe to be overweight. In essence, there’s no rule as to when you should consider a healthy diet; always start today!However, when considering weight loss then it’s important that you make sure what your Body Mass Index (BMI). If it’s 18-25 then you’re in the normal range and don’t really need to consider weight loss. However, if you fall between the25-30 range then you’re definitely overweight. Your overweight BMI can very easily turn into obese BMI which means 30or more. Don’t let yourself be a part of the obese group, it’ll be very difficult for you, both health-wise and when considering your ability to lose weight.