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Cruise Nation promo codes 2021

Cruise Nation Promo Code 2021


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No, Cruise Nation exclusively provides service in the United Kingdom.
Yes, the majority of onboard activities geared toward children are free, but facilities such as video arcades and light night childminding will incur additional costs.
The majority of cruise ships have a set number of cots available. However, you may need to reserve one ahead of time. If you want a cot, please inform the Cruise Consultant at the time of booking. If they're all taken, the Consultant will be able to tell you whether or not you'll need to carry a cot.
Prams are permitted onboard, however you may find it difficult to manoeuvre them around the divided levels while on deck. They might also take up a lot of room in your cabin. Umbrella strollers would be a better choice because they are lightweight and fold up neatly to save room.
Yes, cruise lines occasionally provide discounts where children sail for free. There are, however, cruise lines that offer this deal all year. One of them is MSC Cruises. Children aged 11 and under sail for free (tax still applies), while children aged 12 to 17 sails at a reduced rate.