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10 Must Have Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

10 Must Have Dollar Tree Craft Supplies

  • Parus
  • 20-Nov-2020

Enjoy DIYs and crafts?. We do!

Dollar Tree carries a wonderful selection of must buy craft supplies USA and fundamentals for just $1 each, so you may get creative without having to worry about substantial prices. From glassware to foam and glitter to craft sticks, so you do not need to spend a ton on supplies to make something special. We are sharing 10 of our favourite materials we found in our local dollar tree crafts!


1. Craft Foam - $1


Dollar Tree crafts and floral foam are in many shapes and dimensions. You should Use dry foam to easily procure silk or dried blossoms to make wreaths of roses or to stabilize things.


Additionally, they are easy to cut or form to meet your requirements!

2. Glassware - $1


Dollar Tree offers a wonderful assortment of glassware for just $1 each - jars, bottles, vases, candle holders, and much more. Additionally, you may do a lot of things with glassware, plus they look beautiful when full of a floristry, floating candles, gems, stones, rose petals, and much more!


3. Twine - $1


In Dollar Tree crafts, you'll come across a variety of sorts of twine for just $1, including twine, baker's twine, cotton twine, and much more. You may easily use jute twine in place of a ribbon for a rustic look, or use baker's twine for wrapping pastry, loaves of bread, along with other baked products. The options are infinite!


4. Moss - $1


Making a fairy garden? . Floral moss is an attractive filler for baskets, wreaths, plants, and arrangements it is great for assorted craft, art, and school projects. And, you can catch distinct kinds of moss at Dollar Tree for just $1! They also carry an assortment of fairy garden characters, so you may get creative and have fun!


5. Beads and Glitter - $1


Dollar Tree sells a large assortment of supplies which are great for a variety of crafts, including glass/wood/plastic beadseyes, glitter, sequins, pearls, confetti, and much more. These things are great for making jewellery, using on school jobs, adding as decorations, and ideal for making slime!


6. Foam Paint Brushes - $1


You can never have sufficient foam brushes when trimming. And what is awesome is that Dollar Tree sells an 8 pack of assorted foam paint brushes in the hardware section for just $1. These foam brushes come in a variety of sizes, so they're ideal for applying paint or adding details to jobs. And, be sure to watch for these little Hardware Storage Cases for just $1 as they're ideal for storing lose buttons, spools of thread, ribbon scraps, beads, and other knick knacks that are crafting!


7. Mod Podge - $1


No craft closet is complete without a bottle of Mod Podge all-in one adhesive. Used for sealing gluing, and ending, Mod Podge dries with a gloss finish and is ideal for decoupage, arts & crafts, and more. You can come across the 2oz bottles for only $1 each at Dollar Tree, that's the perfect size without worrying about the bottle drying up before your next project. You cannot beat the purchase price!


8. Craft Tape - $1


Dollar Tree sells craft tape for only $1, and it is available in various different fashions, including fun Disney designs. This tape is ideal for adding style when wrapping presents or giving a touch to vases, candleholders, binders, pencil cups, and much more, the possibilities are endless!


9. Tissue Paper - $1


Dollar Tree's present wrap items are such an amazing value at only $1 per year, and we love to stock up on their tissue paperwhen we are making crafts. Not only could you use tissue paper to embellish almost any present, however it may be used for making paper flowers or with Mod Podge to design fun presents!


10. Sticks - $1


Dollar Tree sells wooden craft sticks in natural or assorted colours for just $1! These craft sticks are fun for building and creating projects, simply add a little adhesive. They can come in handy if you are making home made popsicle treats, or as a child meals skewer, Do it yourself bookmark, fire starter, and even as a gardening labelthat you can stick to a pot or garden.

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