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Get Good With Money - Life As A Student

  • Syeda Ayesha Zeeshan
  • 28-Oct-2021

Save a lot!

"Money doesn't grow on trees" students are often told - yet that's not always the truth. There are many students who wish to save money, without losing quality of life.

Why students should worry about budgeting budgeting isn't just for students storing up for their first major holiday or for retirement!

Budgeting allows students to create goals and decisions around how they spend money while also tracking their spending patterns.

Get Good with Money introduces the powerful concept of creating wealth through financial fullness:  This can be particularly handy if an unexpected bill comes in such as a fee from the institution or insurance payment etc..

Do you enjoy going to the store? When it comes to attempting to obtain a few more Instagram likes while still in school, I am all too aware with the difficulties of trying to become a fashion lady while still in school. Everything is a monetary investment. After paying for my textbooks, school supplies, and tuition, you will have nothing left over to spend on your true interest, which is shopping for clothes and accessories. As a poor college student, here are some advanced advice you should take use of a few time-saving tactics and detailed advice to improve your situation and check on credit score.

A discount for students

Almost all of the well-known companies, including ASOS, Nordstrom, Shein, Top Shop, and American Eagle, provide student discounts through various apps and websites, such as Unidays.

Choosing this choice is the most cost-effective approach to keep up with the latest fashion trends while remaining on a tight budget.

Ways to safeguard the future of your dependents while also making sure your financial wishes are carried out.

student discount



What precisely is E-bates? It's a firm that rewards you with cash when you shop at one of their linked stores. E-bates has worked with thousands of shops to add coupons or cash back when you shop via

If E-bates is offering 8 percent cash back on Sephora purchases, and you spend $100, you will earn $8 in cash back.

I was surprised and hesitant when I first learned about E-bates on YouTube. But believe me when I say this: IT WORKS! Who does not want to be reimbursed for their shopping?


Clothes that belonged to a prior owner

Instead of going to the mall when you need a new outfit, shop at an online consignment store such as or This will save you money.

In both establishments, only clothing in excellent condition is permitted, and only high-end, name-brand stuff is carried.

The clothing are reasonably priced and of high quality, as well. Guaranteed, you will never go back to the mall after trying them out. I promise you that! Got financial habits lead you to a better successful life.

second hand clothes


DIY Works!

You may easily repurpose your old student clothes and student accessories by pulling them apart and constructing something new out of the pieces.

Every student has those long-forgotten student clothes sitting in their student wardrobe that can be changed into something wonderful with a few stitches, some fabric paint or studs!



After a while, some students' beloved pants no longer fit. When this happens, most people toss them and get new ones. However, students can repurpose old garments by simply sewing them back together!

Using old clothes as patches allows students to reuse clothing instead of buying new ones. Moreover, recycling garments saves trash and money!

Students should choose one piece of clothing to reuse and cut it into smaller pieces. For example, students can recycle an old denim sleeve or leg.


It's all about the coupons, coupons, coupons!

In order to participate in the rewards programme, you must first enrol in it at your local grocery, drugstore, Target, and/or wherever else you buy.

Membership is typically free, and it comes with a range of benefits, such as discounts on various products.

Yes, the vast majority of coupons are worthless, but once you start using coupons on one item, you will find it difficult to stop. It is true that purchasing in bulk at a discounted price will help you save money and time.


Shopping on AliExpress

Is it possible to save even more money as a result of the low prices of the products? Whatever came to mind as you were browsing AliExpress, a well-known Chinese marketplace, was almost certainly this. One option is to use AliExpress pocket on AliExpress, which is available for purchase.

The ability to keep track of your spending (which is especially important during large promotions and for AliExpress bundle deals) and have greater control over your expenses is made more straightforward.


Begin planning Budget

The creation of a budget is quite vital, regardless of where your funding originates from. It will assist you in budgeting for future spending, reducing stress, and establishing a good financial habits for the future in the process.

Write down all of your monthly revenue sources, such as child support, work payments or retirement contributions. Then make a list of all of your projected monthly expenses.

There are a plethora of free and safe smartphone apps available to students to help them manage their finances, save money, and prepare for emergencies. Mint, Spendee, and Wally are examples of such applications. Follow the practical ten step process of how to plan and save money will sure keep you financially stable.


Apply for scholarships

Every college and university offers scholarships to high achieving students. Make sure you work hard on your studies in order to avail this amazing opportunity.

It is possible to obtain free funds from a variety of sources, including private groups, your college, and the government, and these monies are not required to be repaid. It's important to understand the qualifying requirements and submission deadlines for any grant or scholarship before applying.



Of course, now you're independent enough to earn some money for own financial rescue. Look for jobs that not only will it contribute a small amount of money to your bank account, but it will also teach you vital life skills.

Keep in mind that you can begin your money management plan at any time. The most advantageous aspect of working as a student is that you are occupied with earning money rather than with spending it.

We are living in a digital era. So, you can work on digital platforms as a freelancer like fiver, upwork and freelancer etc.


Save on textbook expenses

It is estimated that "full-time undergraduate students at public four-year institutions will spend an average of $1,200 on books and supplies for the 2016–2017 academic year," according to the College Board's website.

Online educational resources are accessible that provide free educational content; however, these content items may be updated less regularly than textbooks issued by publishing organisations, making them less reliable. Students save money by purchasing used or old copies of books instead of new ones, renting them instead of purchasing them, or using free internet resources (including open educational resources) because the older version is frequently 80-90 percent less expensive than purchasing the current one.



Look for cheaper stores

When purchasing groceries, make sure to compare the pricing of the items you intend to purchase. The ability to save a significant amount of money comes from being aware of the cost. Additionally, purchase in bulk. Even though this isn't applicable to all things, any item that doesn't expire can take advantage of this offer.


Cook meals - Financial Security

As discussed before , eating on campus might be pricey. However, there are several locations that give free food for students. Check for student discounts , including several fast food companies and restaurants near your school. At some college for example, these establishments provide free food once in a while, along with coupons for discounts.


Prefer renting a home

By moving out of the dorms, you can save money. Trying to keep down the cost of your rent and utilities will save you a lot of money! In addition, there are other housing possibilities near institutions that are more affordable than the average.

Additionally, living off-campus allows you to have greater independence in terms of meal preparation. Sharing a rent will be a cherry on top to save money and take you out of the huge financial hole. Don't forget to look into house sharing opportunities as well — you may save a bundle!

Maximizing bill paying automation reduces travelling cost for sure. Other than that, avoid putting your leg in insurances and loans like property insurance and car insurance etc.


Use public transport

Taking public transportation is an excellent method to save money. The use of public transportation relieves you of the need to drive or pay for gas, and also helps the environment by reducing pollution.

You will not have to pay for parking if you use public transit instead. The cost of parking in large cities, such as New York City, can be prohibitively high, and it can be difficult to find. Because office workers who drive into work every day have filled up all of the available parking spots in some areas of downtown, it is nearly impossible to obtain free parking in some areas.


Make use of cashback offers.

You've probably heard of these before - they allow you to simply get money back when you shop. If you make a retail purchase, you can expect to receive between 5 and 10% cashback. If you haven't explored using cashback services, now is the time. Simply create an account with Quidco or TopCashBack. As for how the internet magic works, once you shop using the referral link provided by one of the cashback sites, the merchant will recognise your referral and will credit your account with the money you earned on your transaction. Furthermore, many cashback sites often have internal promotions and bonuses, so keep an eye out for these as well!



Store and shop - Own Financial Rescue

Are you a struggling student, striving to survive in studies? Worry not! Super Save Mama is here you help you out. Luckily, many stores are offering promotional codes, deals and coupons especially for students such as Amazon, Shein, Target and H&M.



What gift cards can you use on AliExpress?

AliExpress only accepts debit and credit visa cards in terms of payment. The company doesn’t have any gift card policies as of now. The card you used for the purchase is not eligible for international transactions. If you have the bank's mobile app on your device, simply open it and see if there is an option to turn International Payments On/Off.

When can you use student discounts?

Students who attend college or university and who are provided with a personal institution email address or a credit card type student ID that is issued directly by their institution are eligible to open a UNiDAYS account with them. For students to be eligible for a UNiDAYS account, they must be over the age of sixteen in order to gain financial wholeness. Due to this, million women worldwide save a lot in terms of buying clothes and other wearing accessories.

Are there any smart shopping apps for financial wholeness?

There are various smart shopping applications available that will assist you in finding a good deal on any given day of the year and stabilizes your financial life.

If you are looking for the best prices in your area, Vouchercloud is a famous and user-friendly software that will assist you in finding the best deals in your area based on your current location. To obtain your discount code, simply click on the "Use voucher" option once you have completed your payment.

CheckoutSmart is a mobile application that assists you in claiming cashback on your purchases. You'll receive a daily list of things that are eligible for cashback offers, as well as information on which supermarkets carry these items.

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