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How to make a YouTube channel for kids?

  • Syeda Ayesha Zeeshan
  • 11-Mar-2022

For kids, YouTube is a common way to pass the time. And if your child is addicted to YouTube, they'll eventually ask whether they can start their own channel.

You might be wondering if it's possible - and safe – for your child to launch their own YouTube channel( The best part is that yes, both of these questions can be answered in a positive answer

Your child can be great on YouTube with proper planning and protection.

Your child will have a blast starting their own YouTube channel with the fantastic kid YouTube channel tips and ideas.

Making a YouTube channel is not really a problem, consistency, child supervision and guidance is the problem for which it is important for the parents to stay vigilant with their kids' activities and to always keep an eye over the kind of content that is being produced and being surveyed.


Understand why your child wants a YouTube Channel

The foremost thing prior to knowing how to make a YouTube channel for kids, it is important to understand as to why your child would want to make a YouTube channel, although when you consider it, having a YouTube channel isn't all that unusual from participating in a talent show. It helps children to display their skills, ideas, and passions. YouTube gives children a forum( to express and communicate themselves that earlier generations did not have.

The responsibility of a parent should be to create a nurturing and supporting atmosphere for their children. You can weigh your fears against the platform's advantages. A child deserves the opportunity to express themselves in a safe environment.

Know the rules

Understanding the restrictions of YouTube is crucial when creating a YouTube channel for kids. Children under the age of 13 are not permitted to make their own YouTube accounts. If your child is between the ages of thirteen & seventeen, they will need your consent before they can create their own channel.

How to Set up the Account

A Gmail account is required to create a YouTube channel for kids.

Step 1: Open, click on the "sign-up" button.

Step 2: Enter your e-mail address, and build a password.

Step 3: Re-type your password and fill in the username details.

Step 4: Select the country where you live, in the drop down menu.

Step 5: Enter your postal code

Step 6: Select your date of birth and gender.

Step 7: Enter your postal code

Step 8: Type and enter the characters of "word verification" from the colored box

Step 9: Check and click the terms of use, privacy policy, after reading all the legalities.

Step 10: Click on Create My Account

You can make movies private, public, or unlisted by changing the channel's settings. The videos can be viewed by anybody, however private videos require an invitation. Unlisted videos can be viewed and shared, but they aren't found through searches.

Set the Security and Privacy Options

Every YouTube channel has privacy and safety options( that can be modified. Do you want viewers to leave comments on your videos? Do you want the URL to be shared among people? To guarantee that the channel settings coincide with your beliefs, select "yes" or "no" for these options.

When it comes to making a YouTube account for your child, the safety of your child should come first. When creating the account, you always can come down on the side of caution and keep the movies private. Once you actually give them greater control, you can always relax the privacy settings.

Keep an eye on whatever they do.

For parents, YouTube includes additional privacy and safety settings. One feature, for example, allows parents to view the video before anybody else. This protection allows adults to preview content before it goes live.

Even if you do not use the feature of first-viewer, you must view the content that your kid creates. It's the last thing you would want them to do if they provide sensitive information. You wouldn't want your child to know where you reside, for example.


Set boundaries

The quantity of recording time can also be changed by the parents. YouTube helps parents to limit their children's screen time so that they may do other things. While there is no exact time restriction, 30-60 minutes is a good starting point.

Help and assist them in making Videos

Being a parent entails being actively engaged in the life of your child. What would be a better way to do it than to collaborate with them on their YouTube videos? You can have fun spending quality time with them while also creating cool, kid-friendly stuff.

Drawing, experimentation, and lifestyle videos are among the most popular YouTube channel ideas for kids. You can do gaming videos and stop-motion if you don't want to display your child's face.

Make Money with Your Child's YouTube Channel.

While starting a Channel on YouTube is a wonderful way for your child to make some extra cash, generating money on YouTube isn't something that will happen instantly.

Building a following for a successful YouTube channel takes time, which is sometimes required to earn excellent money with a channel. However, after your child has a certain viewing hours and a specific number of followers, they will be able to earn money.

Your child can make money from their YouTube channel in a variety of ways, including:

  1. Donations
  2. Advertisement
  3. Sponsorships


Donations: Many Content creators on YouTube allow their followers to donate to their channel in order to help them support it and make money.

As a result, fan fundraising is an excellent way for your child's YouTube channel to generate revenue.


This one is the most common way to earn from a YouTube channel, via making an AdSense account where Google pays 68% from their AdSense revenue to the publisher.

When you allow google to display their ads in your child's YouTube content, you give google the permission for it, which is when your child can earn money every time someone views an advertisement.

However, not that all YouTubers can make money from advertisements. You need to become a YouTube partner first in order to monetize your channel.

Requirements to become a YouTube Partner:
  • In the last 12 months, your channel has received at least 4,000 video watch hours.
  • At least 1,000 people have signed up to your YouTube channel
  • Consistency of the YouTube's rules and regulations
  • Affiliate marketing (These are specific coded links that are added which allow you to profit each time a viewer clicks and purchases something. You'll get a tiny portion of every purchase they make.

Making money with a YouTube channel is as simple as promoting things your child uses in their videos, or the toys that they enjoy playing with.



As your child's YouTube channel grows in popularity, sponsorships might help them earn money.

Your child will be compensated (and occasionally receive free stuff) for promoting their channel through a sponsorship.

You may either contact brands to see whether they're interested in sponsoring your child's videos or wait on brands to contact you.


To wrap it all up, as a parent you'll need to assist your child in managing their channel and reviewing any kind of content before they upload it. Don't forget that if your child's YouTube channel gets successful, they may be able to earn from it by creating videos about things they enjoy, and through the various other ways that we have mentioned prior in our blog.

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