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What is the Easy Way And How to Sanitize Makeup

What Is The Easy Way And How To Sanitize Makeup

  • Parus
  • 20-Nov-2020

How to Sanitize Makeup?

By using your regular shampoo and soap, you can easily sanitize makeup, makeup brushes, beauty blenders and your makeup palettes. Things you’ll need is regular shampoo, soap, tap water, cotton wipes, olive oil (if the makeup is stuck hardly) and that’s it.


What Is Meant By Sanitize And Sanitization?

Disinfecting the subject from any type of germ, disease, dirt, or any unwanted and unnecessary particles which cause hygienic problems.


How To Clean Makeup Sponge

Soak the sponge in water, apply soap on it, and rub it against itself. When you see the soap water to be colored as a paste from the unnecessary makeup leftover then rinse the sponge. Repeat the process if some stains still remain on the sponge.


How To Sanitize Your Makeup Brushes

Get you brushes ready and soak their bristles in water well. Remember to soak them in running water and only their tips and in a position facing downwards. If you wet the bristles too much, the water will enter the holding section, losing the tight glued grip of the bristles to the stick.

How To Sanitize Your Makeup Brushes 

Now add a little shampoo in your hand of in a small bowl, add few drops of water to make a mixture of bubbles and gently rub the bristles of the brush against the bubbles. Rub it like you apply the foundation on your face. If the brush has some sticky leftover on the bristles (like foundation or liquid highlighter, etc), then you may use few drops of olive oil with the mixture of shampoo and water to remove it.


Once you rub the brush, you will notice the dirt particles, and the excess makeup leftovers are starting to leave the brushes. Rinse the bristles in running water. Cleaning the sticks or the holding part of the brush is super easy! Just make the apply some soap on one cotton wipe and clean the brush. Then take a clean new wet cotton wipe and wipe the stick once again to remove the soap on it. Place the brush on a towel to dry.


What is the Cheap Trick to Sanitize Beauty Blender?

Just like sponges, soak your blender into clean water perfectly and then apply some soap to it. Rub it against your hands in to and fro motion and notice the excess makeup removing. Now rinse it in running water and squeeze it, again and again, to get rid of the water it had soaked in. If you observe the makeup still there, then repeat the process once again.

 Trick to Sanitize Beauty Blender

How to Sanitize Makeup Palette?

Though this is difficult but easy at the same time I personally feel very comfortable cleaning this makeup product but have to be sure that I do not ruin the powders in it. Grab a cotton wipe and apply some soap water on it. Be sure that it is not dripping water off of it, or else it will enter into the shades (surely, we never want that to happen). Now clean the inner section of the pallet first, gently thought the sides of the shades, and clean the outer sections easily without any discomfort. Now wipe the soap water with clean pure water-soaked new cotton wipe (make, sure it’s not too wet). Once the soap is completely removed, apply a dried cotton wipe and clean the water particles from it.

 How to Sanitize Makeup Palette

What Is The Easy And Cheap Way To Clean Other Beauty Products?

Clean and sanitize all your Makeup, beauty, and skincare products with the way you cleaned the Makeup palette. This is the easiest way to clean your beauty stuff and in the most cheapest way with only a soap, cotton wipes, and water. If in case you do not have cotton wipes, you can also use the tips of towels or even tissues. Whatever you have with you is fine. Many skincare products like from the ordinary and other brands or just normal products, then also the same method is applied. You can also use this method on your bottles and jars and stuff from your beauty cabinet. Check out some beauty coupon codes and Function of Beauty Promo Code and Coupon Codes.



During this Pandemic, we have to be highly cautious about the cleanliness and sanitization around us. The whole world is fighting this unseen enemy and the only weapon we have in our hands is the level of cleanliness we possess. But as Genghis Khan said:

“Its not the weapon’s strength that matters it’s the person who carries and uses it matters, that how he will use it”

So, use your weapon of cleanliness and sanitization well. We have been opting for the habit of clean hands in this time of CoVid-19 terror but we also need to clean our utensils and skincare and beauty products.

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