The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG: Say Bye to Puffy Eyes!

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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG: Say Bye to Puffy Eyes!

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG: Say Bye to Puffy Eyes!

  • Parus
  • 20-Nov-2020

While it used to be a struggle to reduce the appearance of under-eye bags, cheer up because we recently discovered an excellent solution for it, which we are going to discuss with you. Natural skincare products do not always give us the results we want, and that’s why The Ordinary stepped into the beauty market. The Ordinary is a clinical skincare brand that offers high-quality, unique skincare products backed by scientific evidence and clinical testing. The brand has gathered a lot of appreciation among customers since it has arrived for several reasons, including affordability, high-quality, and cruelty-free formula. Any problem area you want to correct, The Ordinary has a product for you! And just like that, it didn’t leave the problem of dark circles.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG has been a total game-changer for many people struggling with under-eye bags. The feather-weight serum does wonders to wake up tired eyes with the help of a high concentration of EGCG and caffeine.

EGCG & Caffeine

EGCG stands for Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside, which is an antioxidant found in green tea leaves. It fights free radicals and is 200 times more effective than vitamin E. Having anti-inflammatory properties, it also soothes inflammation, which is said to be one of the main causes of premature aging.

Caffeine is naturally full of antioxidants and has been used as a way to firm, tighten, restore the skin, and reduce under-eye bags for ages. Several independent studies have revealed that tropical use of each caffeine and EGCG can help lessen the look of puffiness and dark circles.

Is The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG Effective?

Definitely! The Ordinary has brought a wonderful eye product to the table in the form of serum at a price too reasonable to be true. The texture is dreamily light and gets absorbed in the skin in just a few seconds. The strong blend of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory in this treatment will add brightness to your eyes and remove any trace of tiredness even if you’ve been burning the midnight oil. According to some customers, it also has a plumping effect, which minimizes wrinkles and does some work on fine lines as well. As for design, the medicine topper lid makes it really easy to drop an ideal amount to your finger. After regular usage, not only will you notice the reduction in dark circles, but your under-eye skin will feel softer and silkier like a satin. This product is made to remove the tiredness in your eyes and give you a more youthful look.

How to Use?

The application is really easy. Take a drop on your finger and massage it gently onto the eye contour in both the morning and evening. Read the directions to comprehend and use only as directed on unbroken skin. Although it is free of any toxic chemicals, be sure to do a patch testing or get expert advice before using the product.

Final Verdict

No matter how happy and healthy you are, dark circles can make you look really ill, unhappy, and tired looking. If you are frustrated with dark circles, we would highly recommend you to try this treatment. The price makes it even more impressive. All in all, it is a must-have miracle product for everyone struggling with puffy eyes.

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The Ordinary Caffeine Solution 5% EGCG: Say Bye to Puffy Eyes! FAQs

  • Is there a caffeine solution that can help with dark circles?

    Different researches have shown that applying caffeine topically to the eye contour can help reduce dark circles and puffiness. Dullness in the eye contour can result in visible dark corners under the eyes that should not be confused with dark circles.

  • Is regular caffeine solution beneficial to wrinkles?

    "Caffeine causes vasoconstriction, which tightens the skin and reduces puffiness," explains Dr. Posina. "Because of its antioxidant effect, EGCG aids in the reduction of inflammation and thus aids in the fight against free radicals." As a result, it aids in the reduction of UV damage as well as the reduction of dark spots, wrinkles, age spots, and pigmentation.

  • What exactly is EGCG in skincare products?

    In melanoma cells, EGCG inhibited melanin secretion and production. These findings suggest that EGCG could be used as a by-product with beneficial effects on hydration, water retention, and blemish formation, as well as radical scavenging and melanin generation reduction.

  • Can I take niacinamide on a daily basis?

    Because it is well tolerated by the majority of the population, niacinamide can be taken twice a day, every day. Try it before your retinol, or use your retinol in the evening and niacinamide during the day.

  • Is 12 percent niacinamide excessive?

    Dr. Ho recommends that when choosing niacinamide products, "a concentration of 4-5 percent niacinamide is suitable to improve skin problems and fine wrinkles." Higher concentrations, such as The Ordinary 10 percent Niacinamide + 1 percent Zinc, have yet to be proven to be more effective.

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