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More about Microsoft Store:


Microsoft is a company that definitely does not need any formal introduction. Thanks to Bill Gates and his creation, we all know and love their products, starting from Microsoft Windows operating systems, which most of us use every day both at work and at home, through their Office suite of software that quickly became a standard in word processing, text editing and making spreadsheets all the way up to their gaming systems, which keep us entertained during those long and quiet evenings - now almost every household owns a gaming console, and many of them chose Xbox One. By producing both software and hardware, Microsoft is able to provide us with an ecosystem of devices that will work together to give us seamless experience. Most of those great products like Lumia phones and Surface tablets and desktops are now treated as an extension of our minds and limbs.


Not so long ago, you had to rely on third-party distributors to buy Microsoft products, buy now it is possible to use Microsoft Store and buy all sorts of things like great devices from Surface and Xbox family, software that will boost your productivity like Office packet. Now, with Office 365 subscription, you can access all of your documents from any device that you'd like - it works on Windows and Mac computers, phones and tablets. Because it is a subscription, you always get the newest version with new features and options. Entertainment at Microsoft Stores doesn't only focus on games, but also on Xbox gaming consoles and even something as small as apps. All this and more is available to you directly from Microsoft. By cutting the supply chain to the minimum, the company is able to offer you the best prices and even extra promotions and discounts. If you want to be notified about them, just sign up for Microsoft news and special offers newsletter or alternatively sign up for Supersavermama newsletter.


Microsoft provides additional reasons why you should shop with them. Free delivery - always, without any minimum purchase value limitations, fine print and codes. Guaranteed satisfaction - when their products will fail to satisfy you, you can always send them back within 30 days from purchase date. Another thing is instant software download. Why should you wait for the post office to carry a piece of plastic to your halfway through the country within days when you can buy something and start using it immediately because of the digital distribution? No reason, especially when you can still get a physical disk with your copy whenever you want. And don't forget their team of experts who are ready to help you with any inquiry that you may have, because let's face it - who is better prepared to answer your questions that qualified team from the world leader in software development? Buying from Microsoft Store also gives you peace of mind, because that way, you can be 100% sure that your copy of the software is legal and won't cause any problems for you. Sales and discounts are easily accessible at Microsoft Store website - there's a separate category with discounted products and special offers. If you are a student then you can also use their special pricing plans for students, parents and faculties. A similar offer is available for business clients, which are looking for professional solutions and advice from experts who know the IT side of any business like no one else. Trust them and your business will thrive boosted by professional hardware and software.


You can compare their prices with other stores like scorptec or check new promotions at PC Case Gear. Apple Store is for you if you want to system a bit different than Windows, but equally popular.


The Black Friday tradition started in the USA and is a huge, worldwide shopping event.

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