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More About Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is a co-parenting mobile application developed to minimize the stress of managing communication, finance plans, and family plans across separate households. It is more than just another custody schedule. It gives you access to a whole array of tools that allows you to easily plan and track parenting time, share important family information or expenses, and create a clear divorce communication.

Uncomplicate Communication with Family Wizard Promo Codes!

Proper co-parenting is crucial for the emotional wellbeing of your children. Needless to say, the separation has already affected them, now it is important to make them recognize that they are much more important than the conflicts that ended your relationship. Our Family Wizard has arrived with the primary aim to keep their client’s families moving forward and help them stay focused on the kids rather than the conflicts.

As said above, the application has a lot more useful features comparatively. You will find a calendar that will provide both co-parents with a clear view of family plans and avoid scheduling clashes. You can easily track appointments, kids’ holidays, and custody days. Because life does not always go according to our plans, the app also allows you to submit a one-time modification of parenting time, and get confirmation that your co-parent has agreed.

Often it happens that you sent a message to your ex regarding the subject of your kids, only for them to claim that they never received it. Well, no more of that. Our Family Wizard has its own server, so when a message is first viewed, it’s timestamped and cannot be deleted or altered. You will be pleased to know that there’s also a “tone-meter,” which alerts you if you’re using a language that might be inflammatory. There are times when our choice of words is really hurtful; this one comes handy in those!

There’s also an expense log that works on tracking shared expenses, automatically calculating each parent’s contribution. The additional features come with additional charges, but your main goal should be providing a healthy environment and perfect parenting to your children. We help you accomplish your goal by providing Family Wizard promo codes, so money doesn’t come in between your parenting.

Why should I choose Our Family Wizard?

  • You can grant your lawyer or mediator access to the application, which can help in disputes.
  • You will know exactly when and where you have to be for your kids.
  • It encourages healthy development in kids.
  • No phone calls will be needed that often result in conflicts. You can easily communicate and share information about your kids through Our Family Wizard.
  • Sometimes our anger causes us to say nasty things. The application helps you become more mindful of what you’re saying.

The subscription cost is $99 for one year per parent or $179 for two years. Reminding you again that you got ourfamilywizard promo codes to bring down the subscription price!

Save more at Our Family Wizard!

  1. Parents who are in financial need can qualify for free or reduced rate subscriptions through the OFW Fee Waiver Program.
  2. If you or your co-parent are either active duty, retired military, or a veteran, you can pay for one parent subscription and receive the second at no cost.
  3. Make sure to use the Family Wizard promo code available on this page to enjoy extreme savings.

Frequently Asked Questions of Family Wizard

How can I use Our Family Wizard promo code?

1- Click on a deal, and the code will be copied to your clipboard.

2- Go to and complete your subscription activation.

3- Proceed to checkout, paste the promo code in the field provided for promo codes, and hit Apply.

How do I request a refund?

Customers are allowed to request a full refund for their subscription within the first 30 days of purchase date. To request a refund, call at 1-866-755-9991 or email at

How do I set up auto-renewal?

  • Log into Our Family Wizard web application.
  • Locate Billing within the My Account section.
  • Once there, click the Edit link next to Auto Renew.
  • Select the subscription option for your next renewal.

How do I purchase my co-parent’s subscription?

Go to Billing within the My Account section. Where your co-parent’s subscription expiration date is listed, click the Renew Now! Button.

How do I delete my account if I no longer want to use it?

OFW accounts can not be deleted, but if you no longer wish to use your account and are within the 30-day refund window, contact the website. .

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